Pros and cons of speed dating

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pros and cons of speed dating

I'd say "Go for it!", as speed dating is a great way to meet potential dates in person with no pressure, as opposed to online dating which can be. Before you write off speed dating as a viable option for finding 'the one', consider a few of Decoding The Pros and Cons of Super Fast Dates. I thought Id put this out there for people who are curious about this relatively new phenomenon in modern dating. So I signed up for this speed.

A little background about myself. I'm an Asian-Canadian guy. Grew up in Canada. I'm as "white" as they come in that I grew up with few people of my ethnic background. My tastes and the kind of person I am has little to do with my heritage although I do feel a connection with certain Asian-Canadians and Asian-Americans. I'm an open-minded guy and can be attracted to girls of all races, especially as I get older and meeting different kinds of people. I'm a career-oriented guy and if you met me, you might mistaken me as someone who is trying to show off but honestly, it's only because I'm passionate about what I do.

pros and cons of speed dating

Besides work, I like to travel and have drinks with friends and chill. In other words, I'm as normal as they come. I wouldn't describe myself as attractive but I'm not weird or unattractive either. Maybe a bit boring but then some people find me very interesting.

pros and cons of speed dating

I guess that's the way with a lot of people. So I was nervous as hell before this event. I didn't want to share this with my friends so it's not like I could turn to them for comfort.

Succeed at Speed Dating – A Quick Handbook with Pros, Cons and Tips

It's something I wanted to try out for myself. I also don't know of anyone personally who tried this out. I read some things about it online and got a lot of horror stories. But I also read some stuff that said positive things about it. I was so nervous I took a shot of whiskey before I went.

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Ok so overall it was a positive experience. It was a good vibe. I showed up about ten minutes early and got a chance to chat with some people there. It's all very normal people. No weirdos or anything like that. Also, the guys there aren't hostile at all. In fact, they were all friendly. They were for the most part all professionals and seemed well educated and just for whatever circumstance and situation they were in, found it difficult to get out there and meet girls.

I was a bit nervous that it'd be full of insecure guys who feel competitive but that definitely wasn't the case. As for the girls, I was actually quite impressed.

Even though there were less girls than guys 8 girls vs 10 guysthe "quality" was good.

Succeed at Speed Dating - A Quick Handbook with Pros, Cons and Tips |

It's mostly the same story. Professional and well-educated girls who are overall attractive and "interesting" but for whatever reason, found it difficult in meeting guys.

The hosts were really professional too. There was an open bar and you could order drinks. And it was just a good vibe overall. The venue was good too. It took place at a club and they closed off the whole section so nobody would interrupt. Basically, my nervousness evaporated within the first 20 minutes and after a beer or two. So I'm not going to go into the details of all my interactions. But here are some pros and cons I got out of it. Pros - Realization that there's really no shame in being single and that it happens to us all.

The quality of both the girls and guys there are good. There are no weirdos or anyone who was single for good reasons. It's just a bunch of people who are taking a chance and trying to find a connection. The hosts are women and they put you at ease if it's your first time.

The 10 Pros And Cons Of Attending Singles’ Events

Also there's an open bar so you can order some drinks to calm the nerves. It's kind of like any success you achieve in life.

If you were disappointed at your first speed date, it is not the case that every speed date that will follow will turn out the same. Remember that you want a happy relationship, not a relationship filled with problems. Being interested in age and looks You should have your attention to compatibility with the other person and where you have common interests as opposed to looks and age.

Concentrating on looks and age will cause you to lose on a potential partner. When they look for dating advice they are most likely directed to these speed dating events as they take a short time.

pros and cons of speed dating

Such people go to these events with the hope of getting the right partner with whom they will have a happy relationship.

The best place to meet new people Speed dates are good places to meet new people who are like you in terms of personality. Introverts, for example, will see this type of dating as a good opportunity to meet a partner who is like them as socializing with people in the real world is a challenge to them. It is cheap Speed dating is cheap and pocket-friendly so if you are looking for something that may lead to a happy relationship and at the same time inexpensive then this is for you.

pros and cons of speed dating

Not under pressure to choose a partner Unless you are interested and decide to choose a partner, one is never under pressure to choose a partner at a speed dating event. If you are not lucky then just get some dating tips and dating advice being offered, then move on to another speed dating event. Opportunity to meet a partner A lot of people have actually met their partners on such events and have moved on to be in a happy relationship.

Cons of speed dating Tends to favor looks over compatibility Speed dating favors good-looking participants with an outgoing personality. This is due to many participants looking at the looks of their potential partners as opposed to compatibility. This leaves those participants who are not especially attractive or those who are shy, not getting a fair share at such events.

Speed dating depends on looks and first impressions may be misleading That person who impressed you within the first five minutes may turn out to be a slug after a few weeks of dating. Next time you take part in a speed dating event, keep in mind that happy relationships are not a result of physical appearance but by the two of you being compatible with each other. So every time you attend such events be prepared for anything. If no one meets your expectations, you end up feeling as if you wasted your time participating in the event.

For some it will be to forget about a previous relationship, some to get a partner to have fun with for a short time while for others it is all about getting a soul mate.

Infidelity After getting into a relationship with a speed dating partner whom you did not take time to know better, you may come to learn later in the union that that was not the right partner for you.

pros and cons of speed dating

As a result, these couples sometimes start looking for pleasures elsewhere as they are not happy with each other. Different values and beliefs One partner may have different values and religious beliefs which will manifest after getting into a serious relationship.

If these differences are not appropriately handled through relationship advice or a healthy, open communication, the couples may end up breaking up and finding themselves back where they started.