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To the Beautiful You is a South Korean television drama series starring Sulli, Choi Min-ho . The angered Han-na threatens Tae-joon to have her as a date before she kicks Jae-hee out of Genie High School. . LEDApple as Shut Up band (ep 6); Seo Kang-joon as student on dormitory 3 (ep 3, 7) . News. Join Naver's 'Band' with SHINee's Minho and f(x)'s Sulli! Not only so, but anniversary and meeting dates can be added onto the Schedule so. Dating scandals, revelations, denials and confirmations are all part of the Kpop world. Our idols are not robots and they are perfectly capable of.

As they become closer to each other, Tae-joon reveals to Jae-hee about the death of his mother, which he blames on his father's indifference. The competition over who takes Jae-hee intensifies as her childhood friend and suitor John Kim arrives from America for a photo project in Korea.

Later, Han-na learns of Jae-hee's true identity after reading a secretly acquired yearbook of Jae-hee's previous school in America. Teacher Jang attempts to stop her from revealing the truth to no avail.

Tae-joon reluctantly consents, consequently receiving negative responses from the public. Later on, Han-na severely injures her ankle during a rehearsal and is feared incapable to do gymnastics anymore. She finally rejects Tae-joon, just as Eun-gyeol confesses his love for Jae-hee. Episodes 12 - 15[ edit ] Confused on what to do after Eun-gyeol's confession, Jae-hee asks advice from Teacher Jang.

Along with his fellow teachers, Teacher Jang brings Jae-hee, Tae-joon, and Eun-gyeol to the countryside for volunteer work, thinking it will lessen the tension between the trio. After the trip, Tae-joon reveals to Teacher Jang his plan to confess his love for Jae-hee and to admit to her that he knew all along that she is a girl. Meanwhile, Tae-joon's training partner and fellow high jumper Min Hyeon-jae Kang Ha-neul gets stressed over the competition between them and attempts to sabotage him.

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Instead, his efforts nearly killed Jae-hee and injured Eun-gyeol, rendering the latter incapable of playing an incoming soccer match. Hyeon-jae reveals to the Eun-gyeol who was his roommate his fears of defeat and disheartening his own family. Eun-gyeol forgives Hyeon-jae to the condition that he shall put him under his servitude until he heals from his injury.

Tae-joon dismisses Hyeon-jae's offensive acts and encourages him not to withdraw from his sports career. Tae-joon learns from Geun-wook the truth about his mother's death: Tae-joon reconciles with his father, and his performance in high jumping boosted as the date of the National competition approached.

Just then, Eun-gyeol unexpectedly discovers Jae-hee's identity and felt betrayed for not being told of the truth.

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Tae-joon comforts a troubled Jae-hee, reveals that he had known all along that she is a girl, and finally confesses his love for her. Later, gossips of a girl hiding in Genie High School began to spread and the captains of Dormitory 1 and 3 starts to search the locker rooms to confirm the rumor. Eun-gyeol hears of their plan and hides Jae-hee before the dormitory captains were able to see her changing clothes in the locker room.

Eun-gyeol lets go of his anger and accepts the reality that he and Jae-hee cannot be together, telling Jae-hee of his happiness he felt when he learned that she was a girl. Episode 16 and Epilogue[ edit ] Merely two days before Tae-joon's match, Jae-hee faints at school and her identity is revealed when students try to revive her. Seung-ri scolds Jae-hee for what she had done, though, out of loyalty for his own dormitory, he takes the responsibility of Jae-hee's case.

Knowing that the truth will soon be brought to the school head, she plans to leave the school behind for good and scheduled her flight on the day of the National competition.

Join Naver's 'Band' with SHINee's Minho and f(x)'s Sulli!

She spends his last night and shares a kiss with the unknowing Tae-joon, who was in the arena during the incident. On the day of her departure, Eun-gyeol, Seung-ri, and the entire Dormitory 2 gives their last messages to Jae-hee and bades her farewell. The two previously released a promotional video showing Minho and Sulli behind-the-scenes while filming.

They acted like a real couple backstage, smiling brightly as they playfully argued. When Minho saw the photo, he started to chase Sulli down, who responded, "We're the only ones who'll see it!

Sulli laughed and said, "Don't be so cheap", and the two didn't lose their laughter as they went off screen. The second part of the promotional video shows Sulli taking photos of Minho in secret and uploading them onto the application. After uploading, Sulli looks back up, but Minho had disappeared. In confusion, she looks around, only to have Minho appear right next to her and causing her to laugh as she runs away.

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