Naomi neo and jianhao dating service


naomi neo and jianhao dating service

Derlei09 wrote: is her husband more rich than the jianhao tan? GPGT: NAOMI NEO CONFIRMED PREGNANT Join Date: May Examples:Jianhao tan,Wahbanna,Nightowl cinematics,Naomi Neo,etc. What do you think? Join Date: Jun ; Location: in your heart!. Naomi Neo with her new bf. Share on | Track this . Kesian jianhao tan .. Debbie and naomi quite look alike. Yeah naomi like emo crazy.

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Adamantly and unabashedly proud of a lot of things, and open.

naomi neo and jianhao dating service

Rest and prefer to date people with shared interests, create a list of free adult dating personals. Over the via a high speed internet connection. Kleine keur with date letter for the year as the best parts of their lives. I begged for him to stay and he forgave me, so I cut all contact with that guy.

I fought hard to gain his trust again and we were okay for awhile as we tried working things out after we spoke about how we both felt.

naomi neo and jianhao dating service

However, I guess we never really got to the root of the problem and the last straw for him was when it happened again a week before he decided to call things off between us.

As mentioned in the earlier part of my post, the relationship started to go downhill and more problems arose, we could hardly hold a conversation without getting into an argument and conveniently, the same guy spoke to me again.

Naomi Neo is engaged and here are all the details

So I met him and JH found out eventually. I know this is not the point and as long as I have the intention to hide, it's cheating but there were no physical contact between us Just to clarify.

I ended things off with that guy and this time, it was a clean slate. In case you were wondering, that guy and I were never serious about each other and I guess I was foolish for indulging in the thrill of it without thinking of the consequences. I'm not gonna push the blame to anyone, because whatever I did was wrong. JH and I did try to salvage things after he heard my explanation, but I knew I couldn't do it anymore.

Jianhao and naomi neo dating time

I couldn't forgive myself for whatever I did and I couldn't bear the thought of hurting him again. Being with him was one of the best things that happened in my life and even if I were to meet someone else, I doubt it'll ever be the same. I'm 19 and I gave up a lot to be in this relationship, fun, friends and a casual teenage life And I guess I'm not entirely ready to give that up at this point in time. He's 22, looking for a stable relationship and probably a potential wife who would be willing to settle down with him in the years to come.

I don't think so. And I don't think it's fair to hold on to such a great guy just because he's the ideal one for me.

Naomi Neo with her new bf

So yes, we broke up and it's been 3 months since we did. It's a huge pity and I'm sorry if this is going to disappoint many of you because the relationship you perceive to be "perfect" is not perfect after all. Behind all the glamour are two humans scraping through their lives. It's sad because once upon a time it was, "all i want in my life is you. I hope all of you would respect both of our decisions and allow us to have the space we need.

Anyway, it has come to my knowledge that he has moved on and found someone new recently and it does hurt, but I'm happy for him. Don't worry, we are still friends and we still care for one another and we will still continue to make videos - but I'm sorry if you won't see us appearing in each other's videos anymore or any time soon.

I'm sorry we can't continue to be your weekly source of happiness but thank you for all the support you've shown over the last two years. We will finally realise that the secret of being free is not revenge, but letting things unfold in their own way and own time.

naomi neo and jianhao dating service

After all, what matters is not the first but the last chapter of our life which shows how well we ran the race.