Missy peregrym and peter mooney dating

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missy peregrym and peter mooney dating

Bass lt;a href=http: www. best missy okuma years. ben bass dating missy Chris diaz, peter ben bass dating missy peregrym akb48 member dating mooney. Because she's still a young woman, simple math confirms that Missy it would be, “For the love of God, start dating outside the police station!” Andy's heart is split again, between current boyfriend Nick (Peter Mooney) and. Missy Peregrym so I'm really jealous of her she gets to kiss Ben bass, Peter mooney and to top it all off she's MARRIED to Zachary Levi! Taylor Lolless.

Exit Strategy Chris's addiction issues come to a head when an innocuous call to a middle-class home puts Dov and Chris in the middle of a suspicious home invasion investigation. As the victims' secrets come out, the full extent of the family's dysfunction sends their teenage son to a place of despair - but it's Chris and Dov who end up in a struggle for their lives.

Moving Day 15 Division is assigned to a community outreach program, "Moving Day", to help tenants move out of a subsidized-housing complex that's being torn down. But when Andy and Chloe discover a severely beaten man in a vacant unit, their investigation unearths a ruthless criminal operation that's bigger than they could have ever imagined. Fragments Andy's former rookie, Duncan, is back on duty and looking to reconcile - something she's not ready for yet. But personal feelings get thrust aside when a bomb explodes in a downtown parking garage.

With the city under threat, the officers of 15 Division must work frantically to figure out the source of the threats, and stop the suspect before more innocent people get hurt. But even after catching him, they realize Ted has more targets set to explode out there. The clock is ticking Open Windows After uncovering similar attacks in her neighborhood - young women, alone, in apartments with open windows to the hot summer night - Andy and the officers of 15 Division will have to fight the Sex Crimes Unit on how to proceed, in order to protect the vulnerable and do the right thing.

Meanwhile, after learning of Marlo's pregnancy, Sam will have to figure out how to tell Andy the devastating news and brace himself for her reaction. The Perfect Family Andy gets a welcome distraction and perspective-check when she meets Hayley, an out-of-control teenager who needs to be protected from her own conservative family, challenging Andy's vision of a perfect family.

Meanwhile, Nick and Juliet's star-crossed romance starts to feel inevitable when they are sent on the road together on Juliet's first shift at 15 Division - if only she would see it that way.

When she takes the fall for a shooting in the 15 Division, her job is put on the line, but she does not lose it under the condition that she be treated as a new rookie.

Gail ends up isolating herself from her friends due to the way she treats Chloe. Seeing how close Nick and Andy had gotten since their undercover operation, she becomes jealous and cheats on Nick with a detective who worked with him and Andy during their sting operation. As a result, she and Nick break up. Later in season 4, she ends up meeting and befriending Holly, a forensic specialist, and lesbian. The two share a brief kiss in the coat closet at Frank and Noelle's wedding and eventually begin a tentative relationship.

'Rookie Blue': Peter Mooney Previews Nick's Tragic Past and Romancing Juliet

Travis Milne portrays Chris Diaz. He is often seen as taking the "by the book" approach. He believes in the chain of command, following orders, doing the right thing and above all, he believes in defending the weak. Despite this seemingly good trait, it makes him unable to take initiative.

He was brought up in a small black-and-white town. He becomes involved in a relationship with Gail Peck until he is forced to notify the authorities of corruption that Peck's brother's partner was involved in.

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  • 'Rookie Blue': Peter Mooney Previews Nick's Tragic Past and Romancing Juliet
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This temporarily costs him the relationship with Peck. However, the two reconcile and are seen happily together in the beginning of season 2. Their relationship ends when he accuses her and Dov of sneaking around behind his back. He eventually makes amends with Dov, but not with Gail. After a while, he realizes that he still has feelings for Gail, only to discover that she is now with Nick Collins. He finds out that his ex-girlfriend, Denise, had his child without telling him but accepts his role as a father and begins making family-centred decisions.

He considers a transfer to Timmins at the end of the third season because Denise does not want to live in the city and he still wishes to remain close to his son, Christian.

In the fifth episode of season 4, Chris accepts his transfer to Timmins early and leaves, only saying goodbye to Oliver. However, he reappears in the ninth episode of season 4 when he comes to visit for the long weekend with Denise and Christian. Christian is later kidnapped while under the care of Andy and Nick, and it is later to be revealed that the kidnapper is his biological father, Gene McKenzie.

In episode 10, Chris transfers back to 15 Division. He is no longer with Denise, but struggles to be so far from his son. Dov later discovers that Chris is becoming addicted to cocaine, which results in a fallout between the two. However, Chris takes some time off to recover and things are made right again with Dov.

In Season 6, he is in affair with Jamie, a recovering alcoholic, who is revealed to be the wife of Inspector Jarvis. Chris tries numerous times to end things with her but finds himself incapable of doing so. At the end of Season 6, it is revealed that Jarvis had known about the affair but that he himself had a girlfriend since he and his wife were getting divorced.

Peter Mooney portrays Nick Collins. He appears for first time in season 3. He is a former soldier who served for four years, including a tour in Afghanistan, before becoming a cop. Before the series began he was in a relationship with Gail Peck, and they were ready to marry in Las Vegas before he enlisted. When he first comes to 15 Division they start a new relationship, albeit after much coaxing on his part.

His military training and experience is often considered as an asset by his colleagues. In the season 3 finale he is selected as the other officer to participate in Callaghan's task force, resulting in his developing feelings for Andy. He eventually breaks up with Gail when he finds out that she slept with someone else.

He tells Andy on the night of Frank and Noelle's wedding that he has romantic feelings for her, but Andy needs time to sort things out. He and Andy begin a relationship shortly after. However, Nick knows subconsciously that Andy is still in love with Sam, which is acknowledged when the latter is shot at the end of Season 4. He tells Andy to go see Sam at the hospital, showing that he knows that she can never let go of Sam.

In Season 5 they are no longer together but eventually go back to being good friends.

missy peregrym and peter mooney dating

He expresses an immediate interest in her, but Ward tries not to get close to any of the officers that she is investigating. However, the two eventually give in to their feelings for each other and begin a relationship. When it comes to light that she is investigating their division, Nick breaks it off with her, feeling betrayed.

At the end of Season 6, Ward is on her way to Vancouver when Nick stops her to tell her that he wants to go with her, indicating that he has forgiven her. Priscilla Faia portrays Chloe Price. She appears for the first time in season 4, when she is first introduced as a one-night stand of Dov's and then later revealed to be Frank's goddaughter and the newest rookie to be transferred to 15 Division. She is talkative and bubbly, which sometimes annoys the other rookies.

However, she shows herself to be a competent officer. She and Dov embark on a relationship, until Dov finds out that she is married to Wes, an officer from her old division. It does not help that he finds out about Wes by meeting Wes himself while Chloe is in a coma and unable to explain anything.

When Chloe wakes up and recovers, she assures Dov that she and Wes had not been together for a long time and that they were getting divorced. However, she kisses Wes one day and Dov breaks up with her. She spends the season trying to win him back but Dov responds coldly. At the very end of Season 6, Dov has an outburst and their problems are finally out in the open.

They kiss and get back together. Detectives[ edit ] Gregory Smith portrays Dov Epstein.

'Rookie Blue': Peter Mooney previews Nick's backstory episode

He was a sickly asthmatic kid who watched reruns of Starsky and Hutch while in bed [20] and his older brother, Adam, killed himself, something that Dov still does not understand. His parents were "hippies", but his grandmother paid for him to have a private education. He is often shown to be overeager to get involved in everything even when it is not necessary for him to do so. This characteristic has gotten him into trouble many times, so much so he has been told to "slow it down". However, in season 2, Epstein's desire to be heavily involved enables him to save a man's life.

He is Chris Diaz's best friend and roommate, and later Gail's roommate as well when she moves in with them. In season 2, he meets and becomes involved with Sue, a bomb technician from ETF, whom he always tries to impress, thinking he does not deserve her.

They break up when he develops feelings for Crystal, the sister of the boy he shot and killed. In season 4 he has a one-night stand with Chloe Price, a woman he met in a bar and later finds out to be Frank's god-daughter as well as 15 Division's latest officer. By the middle of the season, however, the two of them have started a relationship. When Chloe is shot on the job, Epstein finds out that she is still married to an officer from her old division, Wes. He forgives her for this, but after he discovers that Wes kissed her and she hid the evidence from him, he breaks up with her, much to Chloe's dismay.

They eventually get back together. At the end of season 6 he is promoted to detective. He is known for following his instincts rather than following the book and is thus labeled as a rogue cop by his frustrated superiors. Formerly an undercover officer working on a money laundering operation, his cover is exposed when McNally arrests him in the series premiere, believing him to be a suspect in a murder case. He returns to 15 Division as a training officer for the rookies, awaiting a position to open up in Guns and Gangs.

In episode 7 Hot and Bothered of season 1, Andy, upset and confused, goes to see him at night and almost sleeps with him. This makes their relationship awkward afterward, but the two talk and make amends later. Although McNally is his love interest, he insists that their relationship is strictly professional. But in season 2 there still might be hope for McNally and him because of McNally's fiance Luke Callaghan cheating on her.

missy peregrym and peter mooney dating

During episode 10 Best Laid Plans of season 2, he went back into undercover operations before he had the chance to become romantically involved with McNally. However, they meet in the following episode and finally hook up. After getting suspended, he asks Andy to have a real relationship, but she leaves town to keep her job, since one of the terms of the suspension was for Swarek and McNally to not see each other, which leaves him disoriented.

In the beginning of season 3, Andy convinces him to restart the relationship, although he wants to take it slow.

missy peregrym and peter mooney dating

He has a sister, Sarah, who was attacked as a kid, and that is why he became a cop. When Andy's mother reappears in her life, he investigates her, and we see that he doesn't like or trust Claire because he blames her for Andy's pain.

When Detective Barber dies, he goes into a dark place and starts to question Andy's instincts as a cop. He then wonders how much he will sacrifice for their relationship, so he breaks up with her saying that he cannot take it anymore.

Everyone tells him how foolish he is for what he's done, but he has already noticed. When he sees Andy terrified and holding a grenade, he confesses his love for her. Then he tries to convince her that breaking up was a mistake, that he will do anything to make it up to her, but she is hurt and not sure he means it. He asks her for drinks, but he is left waiting as she is already gone for the task force without talking to him. In season 4, he becomes detective and has been dating Officer Marlo Cruz.

He was shot in the last episode of season 4, but recovers. It is later revealed in season 5 that his father, Jay Swarek, is an inmate at Millburn Penitentiary, and was in and out of his childhood. He and Oliver Shaw begin to have suspicions about corruption within the police force. At the end of season 6, his daughter with Marlo is born and he marries Andy McNally.

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Adam MacDonald portrays Steve Peck. Steve is Gail's older brother and a detective in the Guns and Gangs division.

He is partnered up with Traci to serve as a distraction from dealing with the copycat of the man that murdered Jerry, her dead fiance. He ends up having feelings for Traci which are reciprocated, but she doesn't think it's the right time.

He reveals that he is corrupt and is arrested which also ended his relationship with Traci. Noam Jenkins portrays Jerry Barber. A divorced detective at 15 Division, he actively participated in operations and stings, coordinating officers and other resources at his disposal. He later became Traci's boyfriend and eventually sold his car, Stella, as sign that he wants to be serious in being more family oriented. Detective Barber died in episode 9 of season 3 due to a fatal stab wound to the abdomen while trying to solve Peck's kidnapping.

Eric Johnson portrays Luke Callaghan. A homicide detective at 15 Division, he is tireless and exceedingly charming. He was involved in a relationship with McNally until he cheated on her with his ex-girlfriend, Jo Rosati. McNally ends the relationship, but Luke wants her back, and the fallout causes Jo Rosati to leave 15 Division.

He is heartbroken but eventually accepts that Andy doesn't want him back. This is particularly seen when he discovers that Andy and Sam had been seeing each other while Sam was undercover. He is gone half of third season due to a task force mission. He comes back after Gail's kidnapping. At the end of the season, he asks Andy and Nick to participate in the task force with him. Melanie Nicholls-King portrays Noelle Williams.

Was originally a training officer and is veteran of the police force, she hoped to become head of 15 Division but was beaten out by Frank Best. Noelle is not only great at her job, but she is also an invaluable mentor for the rookies in her division. During the first season, she was trying to get pregnant with the aid of hormone injections. She was caught by Traci who subsequently helped her.

missy peregrym and peter mooney dating

In episode 9 of season 2, she and Frank Best kiss, embarking on a relationship. It is revealed in the finale of season 2 that Noelle is pregnant with Frank Best's child and in the beginning of the third season, she is keeping it a secret. In episode 9 of season 3, she goes into labour a month early and delivers a healthy baby girl named Olivia.

In season 4, she becomes engaged to Staff Sergeant Frank Best after he proposes to her following a faked homicide involving officers Peck and Epstein. On their wedding day, Noelle goes missing, and Traci discovers that she is planning to ditch the wedding because she had found a possibly-cancerous lump in her breast.

She is later convinced to go through with the wedding, and has since been optimistic about her recovery.