Mc lyte and tichina arnold dating

Who is MC Lyte dating? MC Lyte boyfriend, husband

mc lyte and tichina arnold dating

Legendary rapper MC Lyte tied the knot with her fiancé John Wyche in actress Tichina Arnold in the s, dated other women for a while. No, Tichina Rolanda Arnold and Terry Crews are not dating. As ofOctober Did Martin Lawrence date Tichina Arnold? No Is tichina Arnold with mc lyte?. Home Tags Mc lyte and tichina arnold dating MC Lyte #TheLordChallenge [ WATCH] · FirstLadyB - October 1 MC Lyte The Lord Challenge.

That doesn't make her a murderer. But if she did know she is just as guilty.

Photo of the Day: Tichina Arnold and her lesbian lover

That family is a little strange. Only in America can a white woman kill her child or grandchild and get off. No GMA was Definitely upset GMS testified against her own daughter and was telling how she smelled a funny odor coming from her daughters car.

It's a sad situation. I hope they find justice for little Caylee. None of us know, but what we do know is that that bish should of went to prison for the rest of her life.

mc lyte and tichina arnold dating

I think we can all agree whether we believe she killed her own daughter or not that this bish is guilty of something and knows a lot more than she's telling! Hard Hitter Lolita I was going to give you a couple of post about giving women that Shockwave piping but decided to give the material to Wesley Feline Feminine I think Casey is just an idiot horny party girl. Our justice system can be so wrong at times.

Tichina Arnold's Girlfriend

Having to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that she did this crime is what saved her SMH. But sometimes people need to let common sense kick in. Not everything can be proved with facts. Just for the simple fact that she withheld info and didnt seem concerned about finding her own daughter is guilty enough.

Sorry to hear about your mother and I she gets well soon!

Is martin Lawrence and tichina Arnold married in real life

No GMA was Definitely upset…have you been keeping up with the case? Trust me, GMA is the likely killer. Rochelle's my grandmother, mother and aunt all rolled into one, so I relate to her in so many ways. She's independent, stubborn and yet, through all of that, she still loves and cares for her family in her own special way. We have a good show and a good group of people and I think that translates to every race, gender and religious background.

Everyone can relate to the show on some level. We talking about your acting chops, but let's talk a bit about your parenting skills. How has motherhood changed your thinking? It's so funny after having Alijah, who's 3 going on 30, I said to myself, I'm a grown-ass woman, I don't have time for any kind of foolishness, it's all about her and my career.

Lil Mama Talks 'Growing Up Hip Hop', Dating, Playing Left Eye + More!

Chileshe's into dancing and just joined Debbie Allen's Academy for dance and Debbie loves her. My daughter is definitely going to be in the arts and surpass anything I ever achieved. Laughs She asked me the other day, 'Mom can I say ass?

mc lyte and tichina arnold dating

I'm like, 'No you can't sing it, hum it, think it or speak it. So do you still keep in touch with Martin Lawrence? Yes, I still keep in touch with Martin. I haven't talked to him for a minute.

I talk to his family. Did you ever feel trapped in the middle of that past drama? Honestly, Tisha and Martin never put me in it.

They did a great job of leaving it amongst themselves. Although it broke up a family because the entire cast—we were all very close. It was something that happened and we dealt with it, but it's long been squashed. Are you living single now or do you have a beau? Laughs I'm seeing someone, but I ain't sayin' who. I have so much respect for any man I date.

mc lyte and tichina arnold dating

I'm not going to drag him into the spotlight. You will never see me on the red carpet with anyone I'm dating. I see the red carpet as work and I don't bring my men to work. In fact, if you want to keep a relationship in Hollywood your best bet is not to appear on the red carpet together! So does that mean you and singer Norwood Young, are not an item? Hell to the naw.

mc lyte and tichina arnold dating

Norwood and I are good friends. The night of Tish and Duane's premiere for Seat Filler they invited him to go as well. He does not like being in crowds by himself and he asked if I would go with him. That's how that happened and everyone started saying, That's Tichina's new man. A few Black actresses criticized the Black female bloggers regarding the comments and rumors they've made about them.

Do you explore the blogosphere and read what they're saying about you? Yes, I love them! I think they are hilarious especially concreteloop. I really don't get offended by what they say. I remember one time I went to this event and I thought I was decked out. I think my stylist was unavailable and I dressed myself, I can't remember, but you couldn't tell me I wasn't looking good and they said something like, 'We love Tichina, but she looks like Boy George!

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Another blog said I had chest hairs and I'm like, They trippin'! I look good and I don't have no damn chest hairs laughs!

But it's only when the comments gets vicious that I can understand where folks are coming from about the negativity and hate, but I just don't take myself that seriously. I love reading the blogs! You've also been under the same fire as Tisha and Duane regarding your sexuality. There have been silly rumors that you left your first husband for MC Lyte and dated her for a few years before hooking up with your daughter's father.

Laughs No, not at all. You know you're not famous until someone accuses you of being gay. I know a lot of people in Hollywood so I can see them making up stuff like that. It doesn't bother me. I pay it no attention.

Lesbian Rumors Begone! MC Lyte Finds Love With a Man

Why do you think it is that everyone is so fascinated with what celebs are doing in their bedrooms? Because it comes with the territory. It's our responsibility as public figures to be cognizant of how we're being seen. If you don't want to be accused of being an alcoholic, then don't be seen drunk.

mc lyte and tichina arnold dating

Unfortunately, creating rumors is a business. What's the craziest rumor you've heard about yourself?