Lana and ziggler dating

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Rusev And Lana’s Relationship

lana and ziggler dating

Lana On How She Started Dating Rusev, Vince McMahon Being Unsure Of Their Pairing, Her WWE Audition. Catherine Joy Perry (born March 24, ) is an American professional wrestler, actress, . Rae went on to "seduce" Ziggler in order to end his relationship with Lana, but the storyline ended quietly, after WWE announced that Lana had injured. WWE attempted to turn Lana into a singles star when they broke her away from Rusev in to join Dolph Ziggler. Sadly, the two had the.

Only then would the Bulgarian Brute get Lana as his manager, and that sparked the beginning of a beautiful and devastating team-up in the WWE who would dominate the scenes for years to come. So when he brought Lana as his "social ambassador", the pairing of this monstrous, ruthless athlete with a beautiful woman like Lana was compared by the WWE to Ivan Drogo and his wife Ludmilla who were characters in the hit film, Rocky IV.

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Ivan Drogo was an unrelenting boxer who killed Apollo Creed in a match, while his wife did the talking for him and the pair was exactly like that as WWE booked Rusev to be a ruthless monster and have Lana as his mouthpiece doing the talking for him. That's what also came to the mind of WWE, as it was soon reported that Vince McMahon wanted to break up Rusev and Lana in real life in order for them to have a better feud on-screen.

This disgusting ploy can be expected to come from Vince's mind, as the madman was trying very hard to get them to break it off with each other so that they could be better enemies on-screen, which could've helped make his product better even though the Rusev vs Lana feud was the worst feud in the WWE last year. Thankfully for them, they soon publicly revealed their engagement and broke off all hopes of Vince McMahon for them to break up in real life.

The two won the "Best Gimmick Award" by Wrestling Observer Newsletter which is one of the most trusted wrestling news website, as the legendary Dave Meltzer himself hailed their portrayal as Russian Nationalists at the time. Additionally, Rusev also won the Most Improved Wrestler award in the year as Lana is the only woman to win an award of this sort as of and the only manager to have won this award as their amazing work in was duly paid off and raised their stock in the company.

Unfortunately, they had to endure some heat from their co-workers and employers because of this gimmick even though reputable wrestling presses were praising them. It made for a shameful situation for WWE, who were having both of them feud against each other and this made them nix the angle right there.

Now the WWE couldn't really do anything to Rusev because he was one of their best wrestlers, but poor Lana got a lot of backstage heat as WWE saw her as the main culprit for the leak and punished her because of it. In a segment when The Rock made an appearance at Monday Night Raw, Lana was slut-shamed by the Rock who indicated of doing things with her earlier on, that too right in front of the Rusev who couldn't really do anything either.

“Miz TV” welcomes Summer Rae, Dolph Ziggler and Lana: SmackDown, Sept. 3, 2015

She has also been victim of some other embarrassing situation afterwards, as this bold move paid off for them but brought a lot of heat on her and she received the high end of the punishment because of it as well. They were invited to attend the CMT Country Music Awards earlier this year when Rusev was still United States Champion, as the two attended together presumably in character with Rusev wearing a suit with no blazer and Lana wearing a gorgeous dress.

But sadly for them, they were voted as the worst dressed couple to have attended the show as the site wrote: While Rusev has a love for buying expensive cars, they both love to live in lavish places and they bought an incredible house last year in their hometown in Tennessee.

They bought a 4 bed room, 4 bathroom home in Nashville, as the house is a huge They chose Tennessee because its easier to travel from the middle of the country as the two now live in this unbelievable house which is all to themselves. When they were in that Russian Gimmick, they often gave some scathing promos which angered many people as their pro-Vladimin Putin talk often stirred some controversy beyond the company.

A major case of controversy was when in 's Battleground PPV, Rusev was scheduled to wrestle against Jack Swagger and Lana cut a promo before the match, stating that "You Americans Should be insulted and afraid" and thrashing them for blaming Russia for "current events". Dolph then attempted to kiss Nikki but it seems that she was not open to his advances and went straight to her current boyfriend John Cena to tell him all about Dolph's recent advances.

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Cena didn't seem fazed by it and told Nikki that if Dolph could give her what she wanted then she should get back together with him. Not the reaction Nikki was hoping for, but she still remained with Cena regardless.

This actually made Cena come across rather cold than comforting.

lana and ziggler dating

Following the break-up of his relationship with Nikki Bella inthere have been a lot of rumours about Ziggler and who he has been dating since. It is known that he dated Dana Brooke for a while last year, but it seems that relationship has since ended. There were also rumours that he was dating Summer Rae for a short amount of time and then AJ Lee when the duo were put into an on-screen storyline together although this is unconfirmed.

WWE is the kind of place where there are always other women to help a man get over a breakup.

lana and ziggler dating

Luckily for Dolph, he seemingly always had support. Their parts in both Total Divas and Total Bellas have guaranteed a cult fan following of them as a duo that continues to grow. While Cena and Nikki currently live together in Tampa, Florida, Cena has told the younger Bella twin that he has no current plans to marry her or to have children with her, even though she has expressed a desire for both. The couple seems to have come to an agreement after Nikki attempted to freeze her eggs so that she could still have children later in life.

Update On Lana And Rusev WWE Break-Up

Nikki was also forced to sign a page agreement when she moved in with Cena because he still remains weary about women after the divorce he went through with his ex-wife. Nikki married her high school sweetheart when she was just years-old. It seems that it was a rushed wedding that none of her family attended and it didn't last very long either. She stated that she had the marriage annulled just three years later.

lana and ziggler dating

She told Cena about this back in and he seemed to be more annoyed about the fact that she had kept it a secret for so long. Dolph Ziggler was unaware of the marriage when he dated the former Divas Champion as well. Somehow Nikki managed to keep the secret for three years whilse being married and for another decade afterwards. Dolph dated Schumer after his relationship with Nikki Bella and it is said that the duo actually met on Social Media. Amy had a lot to say about Dolph after the couple split up and even revealed that she broke up with him via text message.

She said that the reason they broke up was because 'the sex was too athletic. She said that she realized that Dolph actually had a huge heart when she did break up with him, but by then she had already made her mind up.

Dolph then moved on to Nikki as his next serious relationship. It is reported that when Nikki and Dolph first began dating they were out dancing at a club with Maria and a few other friends when Maria started dancing with Dolph and Nikki apparently wasn't happy about it.

The Bellas famously have a lot of heat with many former female wrestlers including Maria and Maryse. It seems that it was in the developmental division that Nikki and Dolph first met. She was signed to WWE back in along with her twin sister and they were set to gain some experience since Nikki and Brie had never wrestled before. The twins weren't in developmental for very long and it seems that their relationship didn't last very long after both stars were called up to the main roster.

It is a storyline and not complete reality, but when Dolph did confess that he still had feelings for Nikki, it seems that her reaction was not exactly what he expected. Nikki told Dolph that they had their up and downs when they were together but Dolph stated that it had been five years and he had grown up since then.

lana and ziggler dating