Hyun bin and song hye kyo dating 2016

hyun bin and song hye kyo dating 2016

Aug 19, Hyun Bin dated Song Hye Gyo from (Photo: sheptonmallet.info) the actress Kang Sora after meeting in October through their work. Sep 8, Song Hye started to date her co-actor, Lee-Byung-Hun on the set of 'All In'. Source: Allkpop (song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin) dramas such as All In (), Full House (), Descendants of the Sun() and much more. Dec 19, Channel-Korea has introduced Are You Curious About Hyun Bin Now? Hyun Bin and Song Hye-kyo were dating because they got involved in They started dating in October, , but the relationship only lasted a year.

Hyun Bin On Girlfriend & Mystery! Heartthrob's Wife-To-Be? Status Now

Rather than keeping the dating life at bay, he prefers to announce the update about his personal life to his followers. Since he loves to keep his personal life as an open book, he also faced difficulty in announcing his split with his girlfriend as the pair was supported and loved by his followers.

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Celebrity Girlfriends But No Wife The Secret Garden actor Hyun Bin loves to spill the limelight on his dating status; no wonder his dating history has been like an open book to his followers!

After the unconfirmed news of his relationship with Hwang Ji Hyun, he was engaged in the dating relationship with The Way They Live co-star Song Hye Gyo in after meeting on the set of the drama. Considered Wedding With Co-Star On A Condition After ending the four years of relationship with the busy schedule, he also turned his hand into the romance with the actress Kang Sora after meeting in October through their work.

hyun bin and song hye kyo dating 2016

Hyun Bin and actress Kang Sora dated for almost a year Photo: When he was asked about his girlfriend, he chose his word wisely and expressed that he is dating Kang Sora.

We are seeing each other with good feelings and we're also cautious because we just started.

Hyun Bin On Girlfriend & Mystery! Heartthrob's Wife-To-Be? Status Now

Please look after us. I appreciate all the great attention. After that, they were revealed to be in a romantic relationship in the reality as well.

hyun bin and song hye kyo dating 2016

They have announced their relationship publicly in after being seen on dates together. However, the couple broke up for a reason unique to South Korea in It was conscription which is mandatory for Korean men. This sweet couple broke up because Hyun Bin needed to leave for millitary sevice. Hyun Bin was very busy with work left before serving compulsory military service and Song Hye Kyo also had very busy schedules at the same time. His Ideal type of woman Hyun Bin has disclosed a detailed ideal type of woman.

He wishes for a woman who has pretty hands, eats a variety of food well and is elegant rather than noisy, and whom he can feel comfortable being with.

Who is Hyun Bin's girlfriend? Lovelife about Hyun Bin | MIJ Miner8

We hope he can find a good partner someday. I have a dream about having a family. If possible I want to get married before I become 40 years old. How his fan think about his lover He has been rumored that he might marry Ha Ji Won, an actress considered his current girlfriend, soon. So he could get married at any moment.