Gugu and sam reid dating

Gugu Mbatha-Raw Married, Boyfriend, Dating, Parents, Net Worth

gugu and sam reid dating

Know more about her boyfriend, dating status and parents, who Gugu Mbatha- Raw appears aside co-star Sam Reid at the premiere of Belle. { TORONTO } BELLE's Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Sam Reid hanging out in front of Swirl Dating, Interracial Marriage, Interracial Family, Interracial Dating Sites. { TORONTO } BELLE's Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Sam Reid hanging out in front of .. michael and nicole - they were the cutest when they were dating. Interracial .

We approached our story in quite a modern way in order to make it accessible. The film contains timeless emotions and timeless dilemmas of working out your identity, who you are, where you fit into society.

gugu and sam reid dating

With John—and Gugu probably felt the same about Dido—I always felt like he was a man from now in the wrong period. And how was the shoot?

gugu and sam reid dating

Was it really quick or were you able to spend time together as a cast? We all hung out a lot. We had some mad dinners in the Isle of Mann. We started the shoot away from home, so we were all on this small island in the middle of the Irish Sea for three weeks, so that helped us bond quickly.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw Married, Husband, Boyfriend, Dating, Parents

We were mucking in! We went hiking through the mountains and broke into farms and hid under trees when it started raining. There was some hysterical laugher when we realized we might need a helicopter rescue.

It was really lovely. There were no airs and graces; our characters have a lot of airs and graces, but the cast was really down to earth.

gugu and sam reid dating

The schedule was very intense. It was seven weeks and I think I was in every single day. You had one day off, remember?


Yes, I did have one day off [laughs]. And what do you hope the audience walks away from the film feeling or thinking?

gugu and sam reid dating

As she was raised in Oxfordshire, England, where it always rained, so she learned to appreciate a sunny day and hence, enjoys going hiking to spend her spare day. Moreover, Gugu is a very private person and enjoys keeping details of her love life confined. Mbatha-Raw attended the Henry Box School for her academics and subsequently participated in the National Youth Theatre with her immense interest in acting, dance, and musical theatre.

Being an actor, it is more than usual to be surrounded by the rumors related to the relationship life. The Black Mirror actress, Gugu Martha-Raw was the center of attention a few years back when she was expected to be in a relationship with English actor Harry Lloyd. The speculation surfaced on the media claiming that the two had a romantic fling until However, Gugu never publicly mentioned her dating history.

gugu and sam reid dating

Back inGugu made a glazing appearance alongside her co-star of period drama Belle, Sam Reid. The on-screen lovers enjoyed an intimate dinner after the Belle premiere in New York. Gugu looked stunningly attractive on her golden-yellow dress and was backed adequately by Sam, who appeared dashing as always in a black tuxedo.

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