Glee artie and tina dating quotes

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glee artie and tina dating quotes

My name is Artie Abrams and I'm in love with Tina Cohen Chang. She's not Artie: When you're not even dating the boy? Puck: Yes, it Glee Quotes. I'm full of. Glee · #Glee 6x08 "A Wedding" - Artie and Tina Artie Abrams, Glee Quotes .. After Ryder had to cancel their date due to testing for a learning problem, Marley . Artie's Quotations are the quotations made by Artie Abrams, portrayed by Kevin McHale. be an item. ” —Artie (to Tina about her look), The Power of Madonna.

Blaine believes he is being stupid, but Tina then tells him that she knows what it's like to be in love with someone who won't love her back, implying it to be Blaine.

They laugh together and Tina then asks Blaine out a second time, this time as "best friends," solidifying their friendship, though Tina still harbors feelings for Blaine. Italic text At the dance, Blaine compliments Tina on her dancing decorations and admits that he's glad he came with her.

glee artie and tina dating quotes

Blaine then joins the guys in singing No Scrubs while Tina watches in appreciation. They share several dances with each other and compliment each other - with Blaine saying that he loves Tina's new attitude and Tina admitting that she loves his everything and that he's perfect.

Just as they appear to be about to kiss, Sam runs in and takes Blaine away to investigate a cheating scandal with The Warblersleaving Tina to feel rejected and hurt once again. Later, Tina is getting herself punch when Blaine walks up behind her explains his absence, which Tina dreamily asks if there is nothing he can't do. Blaine replies that he can't possibly leave without one slow dance with her and the two dance to Ryder 's I Only Have Eyes for You.

During the next "Too Young To Be Bitter" club, the girls praise Tina for her Sadie Hawkins idea and Tina admits that she has found the love of her life and then disbands the club as there is no longer a reason for the girls to be bitter.

Sadie Hawkins Throughout the episode, Tina's crush for Blaine continued to grow. Since the club needed funding for Regionals now that The Warblers were disqualified she comes up with the idea to create a Men of McKinley calendar.

She even noted that Blaine should be December, because he would make a sexy Santa. Although this would benefit the group, she was obviously creating reasons to see Blaine almost naked. She also goes up to his locker asking that she would accompany her to the mall to pick up clothes, and defends his body and "perky and delicious behind that looks like it got baked to perfection by some master chef," which an uncomfortable Blaine awkwardly thanks her, when Sam starts accusing him of jealousy.

During the photoshoot in the boys locker room, she suggested that the men double up in photos since Artie didn't want to participate, and singled out Blaine to jump into the photo with Sam. Later in the halls, Blaine starts developing a cold and Tina is immediately there with remedies and soup since she noticed this early when she mentions that his nose was red. She also tells him that he is always able to inspire her after he talks about his view of males being divas. Back in the halls, Tina has a sudden epiphany about how she is pursuing a romantic relationship with a gay guy.

However she shakes it off and continues her pursuit. At Blaine's locker, she tells him that she is having trouble finding a song since there isn't much inspiration out there for her. Blaine tells her that she isn't giving enough credit to herself and that after school they will go to his house where they will find the perfect song for her. In Blaine's bedroom, Tina is sitting on his bed when he walks in. She starts asking him about his sexual activity, and whether he has ever been in a relationship with a women.

Blaine tells her that he is a gold star gay, and that he hasn't except for that kiss with Rachel. Blaine then starts telling Tina the way he feels about women, and even though he loves them, it's not in the same way. He then changes topics back to her song, and she opens the playlist that he thought of for her. She is genuinely happy seeing some of the names, but Blaine then starts to drift off from the medicine and starts to lie on his bed.

During this Tina tells him that being a diva means you have to be honest. She admits that she is falling in love with him, and that she doesn't even care if they have a sex-less relationship, it would be worth it. When she asks for his thoughts, he falls asleep. Tina then looks and slowly starts to unbutton his shirt. She then climbs on top of him and starts rubbing the vapour rub on his chest. While doing so, she begins to cry and lies on his chest. At Tina's locker, she tosses her photo of her and Blaine that was posted on her wall.

She then stomps up to Blaine and starts getting up in his face. When he starts to feel better, she immediately takes the credit. Throughout her tantrum, Blaine doesn't understand why or what caused her sudden outburst.

She tells him that she gives her all her heart, and that it's sad that he doesn't see the support she gives him and that he should go find someone else.

Now I know what Miley feels like. I hope you're happy, Kurt. Having the week of my life, actually. Guys, back off Kurt, okay? He had every right to speak his mind. Look, Kurt, we're sympathetic to what you're going through but siding with Miss Sylvester isn't gonna do anyone any good.

It's doing me some good. Now I don't have to sit around listening to all you mental patients talk about how's there's a God when I know there isn't one. I mean that was it. It was the last time I was ever going to see her. And he just took my hand and squeezed it and I just knowing that those hands here to take care of me, that was enough.

This is for my dad. You get to wear a fabulous hat. You had me at fabulous hat. Uh, more importantly, you didn't hurt Sam. It was a pound left tackle who just got expelled because he's on steroids and he's God works in all kinds of mysterious ways, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't spend a lot of time trying to speak to us through sandwiches.

It was sort of cool feeling like I had this direct line to God. Now I just feel like everybody else, you know, like we're all just floating around in space.

I don't like that. The big questions are really big for a reason--they're hard. But you know what? Absolutely everyone struggles with them. I'm very impressed with everyone's Sunday best. I hope our genuflection to the great Spaghetti Monster in the sky doesn't take too long I should have let those guys pray for you. And I believe in us.

Artie-Tina Relationship

Dude, why didn't you just tell us you wanted to pray in Muslim? Amazingly needles pierce the skin better than psalms Can you all please leave now? I hope our genuflection to the great Spaghetti Monster in the sky doesn't take too long. Thank you, Grilled Cheesus. And I don't like Green Eggs and Ham. Wow, he has no game. He's on Team Gay. No straight boy dyes his hair to look like Linda Evangelista circa You're crazy circa I have three gifts: My voice, my ability to spot trends in men's fashion and my ability to know when it comes from a bottle.

I love your Sweet Lady Kisses. It's a nice break from all that scissoring. How can you do a duet by yourself? That's like vocal masturbation or something. Have you been to Breadstix? They are legally forbidden to stop bringing you bread-sticks. One time I bought a wheelbarrow and when the manager tried to stop me from filling it up I called the corporate office and got her fired.

We will be the undisputed top bitches in this school. I'm only really generous if there's something in it for me.

But I still like you. I don't wanna do it. You have to sing! I don't even know if I can sing! Everyone knows I'm here to do one thing You sing and I'll dance around you. But there was salad, my mom had salad last night! My salad had chicken feet in it!

At Breadstix, they don't have chicken feet in the salad! All I want is a normal night out, with a normal dinner, and a normal salad that doesn't have chicken feet in it!

Blaine-Tina Relationship

We should go to Asian couples therapy. Why does it have to be Asian! Aren't duets supposed to be like, between a girl and guy? Singing in the Rain? Okay, maybe you are straight. You can't do this to him. If he sings with you, you're painting a bull's eye on his back. Once again your closeted homophobia seeps in the surface on the contents of a cracked cesspool.

Don't give me that. I know I shouldn't have used that word in your basement but it's not like you were innocent. I really like you Kurt. But the fact of the matter is, the way you were all over me last year - if I did that to a girl, she'd take out a restraining order. You have issues with me being gay, I get it. No, actually, I don't. I have issues with the fact that you don't understand that no means no. I just want to sing with him.

I didn't realize you had a problem with gay dudes. I don't have a problem with gay dudes. Everyone else does, and we're living in their world. And in their world, you singing a duet with Kurt is a death sentence. Well, I gave him my word. In my world, that's that. Dad, you have no idea what it's like. I'm the only openly gay kid at school, in this town.

Why can't I walk hand in hand down the hall with a person that I like? Why can't I slow-dance at my prom? You think I don't want those things for you? You know, until you find somebody as open and as brave as you, you're just gonna have to get used to go in it alone. Only the most talented member of Glee club - myself. When you're different, when you're special, sometimes you have to get used to being alone. I'm with Rachel now. She's a lot shorter than Quinn and she talks a lot, but I love her.

And just so you know I already bought custom bibs for me and Mercedes here. Am I about to lose my virginity? Before our duet, we're gonna do it. I don't think I can do this. It's the perfect song for this very situation. Mike claps a little, Tina stops him] Mercedes: Okay, do I even have to say it? I seriously wanted to punch both of you. I was going to order us one really, really long piece of spaghetti like in Lady and the Tramp.

I've been practicing nudging the meatball across the table with my nose. I've been down this path before. I know this feeling.

L-like I need you!

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Duets don't work for me. And I don't need you. Me winning means you losing, and you'll do whatever it takes to make sure that doesn't happen. So what's in it for you? Hey, I have something I want to talk to you about. Please, not another pregnancy. I think you and I are a little more similar than you might think. That's a terrible thing to say. I know you are lonely. Because we have you. But the duet competition is over. I thought this one could be for me and you. Look, I don't mean to be a bitch Does that work on the girls where you're from?

The impressions, the bad jokes, the Navi? I went to an all boys boarding school. I know what's it's like to have a secret you're ashamed of. What are you doing? We're not using them.

Because a gentleman always pays on the first date. Don't worry, I'm not going to go all Shawshank on you. You know they make shampoo for color treated hair.

I don't dye my hair! The Rocky Horror Glee Show [2. So what are you going to be for Halloween this year? I'm going as a peanut allergy. Artie then asks if Tina can help him use some crutches so he can walk. Tina accepts, and Artie walks a few steps and then accidentally falls, embarrassing and disappointing him. Tina apologizes and tries to help, but Artie asks her to go away. A few days later, Artie apologizes for the way he reacted; but Tina says he needn't, and that it was her fault.

She also claims she did some research on Artie's condition, and thinks there might be cures for him.

glee artie and tina dating quotes

Tina ends off her speech with "If you can dream it Artie, it's real. When Tina finds out that Artie has given up on his assignment, Tina is upset and reluctant to change partners. In this episode, Artie worries weather Mike has some things he can offer Tina that he can't. They harmonize together, and smiled at each other throughout the song as well.