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Bagger Dave's slide: After multiple closings, missteps, burger chain goes into holding pattern

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After closing three restaurants recently, Bagger Dave's now has a dozen locations in Michigan. If the past year is any indication, the future of Bagger Dave's Burger Tavern is anything but in the bag. The Southfield-based restaurant chain suffered the indignity of two rounds of restaurant closings in One of them was its downtown Detroit location. The others were in Indiana. The Detroit restaurant had been open for two years.

One of the Indiana restaurants didn't last 10 months; two more barely made it to the one-year mark. The oldest of the Indiana restaurants, the one in Indianapolis, was just 3 years old.

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Anyone looking for more upbeat signs than these should avoid cracking open Diversified's quarterly reports of the past year. The reports start rosily enough. The first, released in March, predicted between 47 and 51 stores by the end of There were 24 at the end of These numbers steadily fell in subsequent reports. By the time November's third-quarter report came around, the company had stopped making any predictions at all.

That doesn't mean the company had given up on Bagger Dave's. It opened five last year, including one in Centerville, Ohio, as recently as November, its first in that state. Another is set to open near Cincinnati in late March.

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But that and the 18 Bagger Dave's 16 in Michigan, one in Ohio and one in Indiana that survived the closings — and employ people — will be the last for the foreseeable future. This is a marked about-face for a company normally hell-bent on growth.

It opened six Bagger Dave's in and seven in And that pales to its Buffalo Wild Wings franchise operations, the largest in the country. That brought the number of Buffalo Wild Wings locations under its umbrella to From the end of to the end of last year, Diversified increased the total number of its restaurants across the two brands from 28 to This year, though, it plans to add just three — the Bagger Dave's near Cincinnati and two more Buffalo Wild Wings locations.

Familiar taste Bagger Dave's has struggled before. Sales took a hit after Diversified embarked on an aggressive growth plan inopening or buying 16 stores across its two brands. It listed on Nasdaq the following year. The pace distracted management from everyday operations, and it was the Bagger Dave's side of the business that took the hit in sales.

To mend things, Diversified beefed up Bagger Dave's marketing, launched a corporate training program, brought in an employee-assessment firm and began hiring professionals from national chains such as Red Robin.

It brought in consultants from the Disney Institute to go over employee retention and recruitment and rolled out new menus — the first one in early and another last year. The final rollout wrapped up last September. It included adding more burgers and removing sandwiches that weren't selling well, switching from a two-patty burger to an 8-ounce one and adding a grilled chicken breast sandwich.

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Fries are included in the price of a burger instead of added on. The menu's marketing pitch changed to tell customers about certain points of company pride, such as how it uses prime rib and sirloin in its burgers and carefully sources its food.

Things appeared to pay off. The daily magic trick for them is to guess where the sweet spot is -- what price and volume the run should be. Prints are made as they're ordered, so there are no "leftovers" if the targeted number is not reached. Photo Cory "We'll say, 'Let's do 30 of these,' and they sell out in five minutes, and we say, "Damn, why didn't we do ? We can't figure out the psychology. It's very complicated," Cory said.

In early attempts to sell prints on the East site, they noticed if a print didn't sell out within a short amount of time, people lost interest.

If they had 40 and sold 27, no one wanted the remaining If they don't buy all 50 of them, it becomes 13, 27, 42, whatever it is," Cory said.

Gary anglebrandt and dating dating events south jersey

Limited-edition runs keep the value of the prints high and spur a robust secondary market. Some buyers make a living by jumping on the sales when they go live. In the moments before the sale going live, they could see roughly how many people were waiting at the site -- about 70, a "tweener," as Cory called it.

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When 30 are waiting, that's a bad sign; not many sales likely will be made. If are waiting, a rapid sellout is imminent. Seven prints sold within minutes of the edition going live, suggesting a decent run. The first sales came from people in St. Armand was an art director for advertising agency Team Detroit and a Crain's "20 in their 20s" award winner in He also worked with Cory at Ohm.

They worked at the gallery after hours and dabbled in selling artist prints online as a way to boost visibility for their gallery beyond the Detroit area. Armand said early work with Glenn Barr helped give them credibility with other artists. People realized they could trust us," Armand said. Reaching critical mass This year, Armand and Cory quit their day jobs to run 1xRun full time and have hired six people to help with shipping, working with artists and marketing. Prints "are a growing portion of the lower end of the art market because it's democratizing to art," Cory said.

The gallery and prints cover the loosely connected genres of pop surrealism, lowbrow street art and new impressionism. The two wanted to give a home to local artists of those genres as well as those from beyond Michigan and from other countries. Gilda Snowden, interim chairwoman of the fine arts department at the College for Creative Studies, said East has a positive reputation among young local artists as an outlet for cutting-edge artists.

Photo Snowden "It's nice to have a place that knows their work and gives them an outlet in the area," Snowden said. Original works from gallery shows also are sold on 1xRun.

The business also sometimes finances projects for artists. Bethany Shorb has held two solo shows at East and sold one edition of her work through 1xRun. Shorb also runs Detroit-based neckwear business Cyberoptix LLC and sells her line of hand screen-printed ties at East.