Cheap and best shopping areas in bangalore dating

Shopping In Mysore: What To Buy And Where To Shop

cheap and best shopping areas in bangalore dating

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cheap and best shopping areas in bangalore dating

There is so much to shop for here, you will often wonder where to start. If you are looking to take a break from shopping, drop by at a tea stall for a Sulaiman chai or enjoy a scrumptious portion of biryani.

Chickpet Market Chickpet is famous for its sarees source An obligatory visit for every tourist to the city is the Chickpet Market. This market houses the largest collection of sarees in Bangalore.

cheap and best shopping areas in bangalore dating

At Chickpet, shoppers can find sarees in different styles, prints and colours, for every occasion. Prices are not fixed here so you will have to bargain for a fair price.

If you are looking for special collections of sarees, go during the festive season, that is, during Diwali, Christmas or Eid. It has a variety of shops ranging from street-side bookstalls to bookshops.

cheap and best shopping areas in bangalore dating

All these bookstores house a variety of books across all genres and languages. Lookout for old, rare finds at this market. There is a good collection of classic novels that are normally hard to find. School and DIY books can also be found here.

Commercial Street Bangalore - Shopping guide, Tips and Haul

Malleswaram Market A famous flower market in Bangalore source Every morning, the fresh, fragrant smell of flowers greet shoppers at the Malleswaram Market. A haven for buying fresh flowers, in the market you will find shoppers buying flowers for puja, religious observances and for occasions like weddings.

Vendors at this famous flower market sell all sorts of flowers including sunflowers, roses, mogra and chrysanthemums. One of the most popular shopping places in Bangalore. From spare parts to mobile accessories and new gadgets, electronics enthusiasts will find it all here. The market is divided into sections. There is an entire stretch where you will find shops that repair gadgets and sell spare parts and there is an entire wing for household gadgets.

It sells everything from grocery items to luxury splurges. This market is also the busiest in Malleswaram, where locals and tourists travel to for their shopping requirements. If you cant find something in Bangalore, you will certainly be able to find it in Malleswaram. The market stays open from 1oam to 11pm. Some shops are closed on Saturdays and some on Sundays.

cheap and best shopping areas in bangalore dating

Sandeep Bhattacharya Best known for housing fancy branded shops, the ft road Indiranagar is the place you would like to go if street shopping is not your thing. You will find almost all the brands famous across the country here.

Indiranagar is considered as one of the most elite spots in Bangalore.

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It's maze like architecture has various entrances dotted with street vendors selling nick knacks. At Vajorwe provide you with the best of options and choices for any and every occasion.

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The Ultimate Guide To Shopping In Bangalore

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