Block zico and hwayoung dating

Seolhyun's rumoured boyfriend Zico from Block B - Let's Spore La with iloveabcd Pte Ltd

block zico and hwayoung dating

Is Zico and Hwayoung following in Kara and Junhyung's footsteps? How long have they been dating? Check out my reaction to the whole thing. After just one month in the limelight, Block B's Zico and AOA's Seolhyun have Breaking: HyunA And E'Dawn Confirmed To Be Dating. Seolhyun's rumoured boyfriend Zico from Block B. Girl band AOA's lead dancer , Seolhyun has recently been rumoured to be dating Block B's leader Zico. Zico's Zico's other rumoured love interest T-ara's Ryu Hwa-young.

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block zico and hwayoung dating

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block zico and hwayoung dating

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Breaking: Block B’s Zico And AOA’s Seolhyun Reportedly Dating, Agencies Respond

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An interview was held and released in Thailand. The problem wasn't the interview itself. Rather, the boys playful attitude was misrepresented in the article that was released, which caused them to look insensitive and immature. However, the person who wrote the article didn't write the entire response to a question, and instead of the boys' sincerity showing through, it appeared as though they were making fun and teasing the people of Thailand.

To make things worse, 2PM member, Nichkhun, who just happens to be Thai, blasted the group on Twitter, which caused a lot of people who didn't know about the interview to find out. Broadcast stations had no choice but to limit their appearances. It was then announced that Zico and ex-T-Ara member, Hwayoung, were dating.

However, this information was never confirmed by the company or Zico or Hwayoung, so I'm not quite sure whether or not to believe it. According to allkpop, "an employee who wishes to remain anonymous" confirmed it. The boys made their comeback in latewith Nillili Mambo, which was actually quite successful. However, the scandal continued when they decided, earlier this year, to sue their company.

block zico and hwayoung dating

Apparently, the members hadn't been paid since March On top of that, CEO Lee had solicited the boys parents for money and then disappeared with it. What the Block B members were appealing for was the lost money, the unpaid wages and the nullification of their exclusive contract with Stardom Entertainment.

During the trial, it was discovered that the former CEO had committed suicide. Another devastating blow was dealt to the boys when, in June, the courts ruled in favor of the company.

block zico and hwayoung dating

The members were unwilling to accept that verdict and together decided that they could not, and would not, promote under their agency anymore. Instead, they would promote independently, without any ties to any company, a feat that was perfectly possible because Zico was their producer anyway.

Kpop IMO: Block B Scandals IMO

O released a mixtape and the other members have either been extremely quiet, or have been featured artists in other artists music. Finally, there is good news for Block B! Stardom Entertainment transferred their contracts to a different agency and the boys are gearing up for a comeback.

Now for the part where I give my opinions. U-Kwon's dating scandal is a non-issue for me. I think he's handsome as bricks and extremely talented but once again, it's not really my business to get upset and cry.