Big brother 8 nick and jen dating pat

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big brother 8 nick and jen dating pat

See photos from Big Brother 8 episodes, red carpet events and get the latest cast Big Brother 8 - Nick a former Pro Football player from Kimball, MNPhoto by. Jen was the seventh person evicted from Big Brother in season 8. Another tidbit about Jen is that she started dating fellow HouseGuest Nick. ''Big Brother'' evictee Kail on Evil Dick and Dustin. Cliff Lipson. Season 8 Jen came up and said, ”Kail, something doesn't seem right to me. Then Zach was already talking to Nick, so I brought in Mike, Zach brought in Nick, and that's how . Season 8. type. TV Show. run date. 07/05/ Status. In Season.

The position I was in, I had to play week by week and do anything I could to survive the week. If you had stayed, though, would you have kept your alliance with Dick? I would have stuck with Daniele. In turn that would have sort of involved Evil, yeah. And he also made my coffee every morning…. But had you thought that the week before? No, it was just this last week. This last week I felt if I could dodge this bullet, I could probably go for about three or four more weeks. And this was the week that I had the most fun, because Evil was off of my back and I was just getting over being homesick, too!

So I had everything going for me. So is Zach completely on his own right now? It seems like no one talks to him, so what does he do, just wander the house talking to himself? Yeah, he pretty much does! And he kind of annoys everybody. That said, with the two factions turning against each other, he may be able to coast for a while under the radar. It seemed like you were pretty friendly with Dustin.

Were you shocked by his harsh farewell videotape to you? He seemed like he could have been referring to your anti-homosexuality beliefs. Did you ever talk to Dustin about his being gay?

Do you do this? Do you do that? And he also made my coffee every morning. We were both the first ones to wake up, and he knew exactly how I liked it, and he knew it reminded me of my husband, because he does that for me every morning.

So we really did get along really well. Did your views on homosexuality change after being friends with him? My beliefs have not changed, no. But I look at the heart and not actions, and not their actions and then their heart. He was so nice and kind and compassionate.

Eric's task as America's Player did cause a stir in the House. During the third eviction, Eric was ordered to evict Kail, which went against the majority of the House.

big brother 8 nick and jen dating pat

Panic went throughout the House as everyone tried to figure out who had tried to evict Kail. After Nick was framed for the votes, he was nominated and subsequently evicted on Day The night of Nick's eviction, Eric was ordered yet again to evict Kail, confusing those who had thought Nick was the person casting the votes.

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Following Nick's eviction, his good friend Daniele won the HoH. Despite Eric and Daniele being part of the same alliance, she began to question his loyalties, and figured out he had cast the votes against Kail.

big brother 8 nick and jen dating pat

Despite Daniele's attempts to backdoor Eric, he managed to get the votes to survive the eviction. On Day 57, Eric competed for his first Power of Veto, after not being chosen to compete in the first seven of the season.

He then won the competition, earning him his first win of the Summer. During his goodbye message to her, he told her that he loved her. Ironically enough, during the second eviction of the night, Eric was evicted by a vote of two to zero, making him the fifth member of the Jury. On Day 81, he voted for Dick to win the grand prize. After his appearance on Big Brother 8, Eric went on to appear on the following season. Although he and Jessica continued their romantic relationship outside of the House, in it was revealed that the couple had split after nearly three years of dating.

Jameka has consistently been seen as deeply religious, believing that God wanted her to play for the person who drew her name for the Veto competition, regardless of who it was. Despite her strong disliking towards HouseGuest Jen, she chose to use the Power of Veto on her, as she had drawn her name while picking players for the competition.

Despite the things she gave up, she still didn't even win the Veto. On Day 55, however, Jameka survived the eviction without a single vote being cast against her.

big brother 8 nick and jen dating pat

On Day 63, Jameka was nominated for the second time this season by Zach. On Day 62, however, she survived yet another eviction, only receiving one vote against her. For the second time that night, Jameka survived a third eviction, receiving no votes against her. On Day 74, after Daniele won the Power of Veto and used it to save her father, Dick, Jameka became his replacement nominee.

As Jameka was nominated alongside Dick's daughter Daniele, he cast the sole vote to evict her. She came in fourth place, and became the sixth member of the Jury, voting for Daniele to win the grand prize. Jen[ edit ] Jennifer "Jen" Marie Johnson born31, is a nanny, estate manager, and bikini model of English descent.

Jen is from Beverly Hills, California. During her stay in the House, Jen's fellow HouseGuest felt that she was "self-centered" and "rude".

She was seen as the victim of multiple attacks from eventual winner Dick Donato, which caused controversy outside of the House, with many demanding he be removed from the game. In the first week of the game, Jen was nearly backdoored due to annoying her fellow HouseGuest and starting lies about some of them.

Despite this, however, Daniele chose not to use the Power of Veto that week, leaving the original nominees Amber and Carol on the block. On Day 13, after the first live eviction, Jen became the second Head of Household of the season.

Ultimately, Daniele won the Veto and was replaced with Joe, who was subsequently evicted. On Day 21, Jen, alongside Kail, was nominated for eviction by Head of Household Dick, whom she had put up the week before.

The following day, however, Jen won her first Power of Veto of the season, and removed herself from the block. On Day 28, Jen and Kail were nominated together for the second week in a row, this time by Dustin. The following day, Jameka won the Power of Veto. Due to Jameka's religious beliefs, she promised Jen she would remove her from the block.

On Day 31, Jameka stuck to her word and saved Jen with the Veto. On this day, the House set a record for having the same two initial nominees for three weeks in a row. On Day 36, however, Jen won her second Power of Veto competition, and third overall competition.

Jen made a shocking move during the competition when she offered to give away half of the total grand prize, should she win the game. She also agreed to eat slop for the next thirty days. On Day 38, she removed herself from the block and was replaced by Eric. She removed Amber from the block, and named Jen the replacement nominee.

On Day 52, Jen was penalized for going against the slop restriction and was given a penalty eviction vote against her. Later that day, she also engaged in a controversial fight with houseguest Dick, in which she was burned by one of his cigarettes.

''Big Brother'' evictee Kail on Evil Dick and Dustin

She was evicted by a unanimous five to zero vote six votes total, due to her penalty voteand became the second member of the Jury. Despite statements made during the game that she may not go to sequester, she was shown entering the sequester house a few weeks later. She voted for Daniele to win the grand prize. Although Jen and Daniele were enemies on Big Brother 8, they became close friends after the show. Jen was also an extra on the show Las Vegas. She was a girl sitting poolside in a red bikini in the episode, "Wagers of Sin".

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Jen briefly returned to the Big Brother house inwhere she participated in a food competition with the Big Brother 10 houseguests. The competition was designed to celebrate 10 seasons of Big Brother, with one representative from each season. Jessica is also a Maxim Hometown Hottie and appeared on Maxim's website.

The couple shared their first kiss on Day She was shocked to learn that she would be playing the game with her former best friend Carol. The girls made a deal to protect one another, however, both expressed their doubts about the other in the Diary Room. Jessica's suspicions were short lasting, however, as Carol was the first person evicted on Day During the second week, America voted for Eric, America's Player, to try to get Jessica nominated for eviction.

Despite his attempts, Jessica was not nominated that week. On Day 41, Jessica won her first competition of the season, becoming the sixth Head of Household.

On Day 55, Jessica won her second Head of Household in a row.

big brother 8 nick and jen dating pat

Despite her alliance of Eric, Dick, and Daniele all promising to keep her, Dick and Daniele turned on their former teammate and voted to evict Jessica, making her the ninth person evicted from this season, earning sixth place.

She was the fourth member of the Jury, and voted for Dick to win the grand prize. In her exit interview, Jessica stated that she could not "trust the Donatos" in the end-game. In her goodbye message from Eric, Eric had told her that he loved her minutes after Jessica had told Julie Chen that she loved him. Following her appearance on Big Brother 8, Jessica went on to appear on the following season. Although Jessica and Eric continued their romantic relationship outside of the House, in it was revealed that the couple had split after nearly three years of dating.

Jessica appeared on the first episode of Big Brother 11 and was allowed a shot to come back into the house. However, the popular crowd came second, meaning Jessica was eliminated, and would not re-enter the Big Brother House.

big brother 8 nick and jen dating pat

He was shocked to learn that he would be playing the game with his ex-boyfriend, Dustin. He revealed on the first night that he had gonorrheaand believed he had contracted it from Dustin. On Day 20, Joe was evicted by a nine to one vote, only receiving the vote of Kail. When he found out, the plan failed and Dick not only stayed in the game, but became the new Head of Household.

On Day 21, he nominated his two biggest enemies Jen and Kail for eviction. On Day 27, Kail survived the eviction against her alliance member Mike.

On Day 34, she stated in the Diary Room that she wanted to leave the House and walk; however, she was talked out of it by the show's producers. Later that day, Kail survived her second eviction in a row against former ally Nick. Despite Daniele promising Kail safety, Daniele's plan of backdooring Eric backfired, and on Day 41 Kail was evicted from the House by a four to three vote.

He has appeared on the Lifetime show Gay, Straight or Taken? He was the straight and available one. During the first week, Mike had an alliance with Kail, Nick and Zach. However, the alliance quickly fell apart, and Mike and Kail found themselves with Jen. He was evicted by a vote of seven to two on Day 27, while his former ally Kail survived the eviction next to him.