Ashley ortega and juancho trivino dating

Ashley Ortega And Juancho Trivino Dating, Alam Mo Na Ba Ang Latest?

Nililigawan nga ba ni Juancho Triviño ang dating InstaDad co-star niyang si Ash Ortega? Is Ash Ortega being courted by Juancho Triviño? Ash and Juancho. Barbie Forteza goes on date with Jak Roberto at Sanya-Derrick movie Kapuso stars Ash Ortega and Juancho Trivino played pivotal roles in. Janine Gutierrez, Enzo Pineda, Juancho Trivino, Ashley Ortega, Stephanie Sol and Ken Alfonso Her dream Valentine's date is a romantic getaway in Korea.

I'm co managed by Artist Center and Ms. We haven't really have spoken about it but she really takes care of me. She's very hands on, spot on because she watches us. I want Belle to be remembered in the show as "Rebellious for a Reason", and hope that with her in the show people would still appreciate her.

For what it's worth, I think Steph is a diamond in the rough. She's a very promising actress and she's just starting. I hope GMA continues to give her more breaks especially this A change of character?

ashley ortega and juancho trivino dating

Perhaps real soon, but for now we're happy about what she's doing. I hope she also finds a pairing with someone too.

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Then we got to the table of Juancho Trivino. Juancho Trivino is around 6'1, well built, a bit moreno and everything that a person who would categorize a perfect guy with "Tall, Dark, and Handsome". I bet underneath all that is a chiseled german physique and a soft heart somewhere. He's got a very positive demeanor but he could switch into a tough guy if he wanted to in seconds.

That I think is what would make him a good actor. Am I too assuming? No, I don't think so. I just felt it that evening when I got to talk with him a little better. The feedback was great but now, I'm going to do a new youth oriented show that will be called InstaDAD. It's going to show on Sundays and will be something like Teen Gen. I'm going to be here with Ashley whom I'll be featuring in a little bit and this is a new pairing.

Ashley is really nice, we've got so many things in common and I find her really really pretty. We've known each other even before the show. I didn't hesitate accepting this show, I'll be here with Gabbi Eigenmann and he'll be the Dad of three girls. In the social media age, this show will be part of that enlightenment of reality.

It'll be like a modern day Dad. I want to be an example on this show, that even if I'd end up doing something really bad in the show, I'll be showing how to be a good son, a good brother too. It's going to start with Ashley and me having a relationship.

ashley ortega and juancho trivino dating

So people really should watch out how things happen, as I'm really excited about it! Then we got to talk to Ashley Ortega. Well this is officially the first time I'm seeing Ashley Ortega. I thought I've seen her before but I realized just now that it was only for a former series Dormitoryo. She was with other GMA stars and I learned that night that this is their first official pairing. I got her to introduce herself so we get on to what they're doing.

ashley ortega and juancho trivino dating

At first glance, I thought she was a bit older but heck I was surprised that this girl, is only 16 years old! I started in Philippine Fashion Week and that's where they basically discovered me. I was younger back then and walked for SM Kids two years ago. I wore clothes for tweens, auditioned and got in regularly through that. I didn't know it was going to be this big and felt it was only going to be on the sidelines, but when I read the script, I had so many lines and so much exposure, which was nice!

So I'm so happy. Then I got to InstaDad also, which is a youth oriented show. There's a lot of twists here and there plus they got us to play something like rich kids that you may consider a little spoiled!

We have tons of hashtags in regular conversations so it's really going to be fun, and a lot of people would really be able to relate especially the teens. We even have our own instagram where we're going to post actual things we're doing in the show. There are nerds, jocks, different kinds of personalities. Our Dad here is Gabbi Eigenmann and with the three sisters, three different personalities, I'm little Ms.

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She also shared how fun it is working with Elmo and Janine because they are both nice. They haven't told me yet what plans they have for me but after the show, I'll get their feedback and wait for meetings.

He's a very nice guy, good looking. She feels lucky because her boy friend is very supportive of her in terms of her career. After More Than Words, there are no plans yet for another project but he is looking forward on spending more time with his family and doing some of the things he miss the most.

They'll be checking out different places and new talents to be discovered a s well. It'll be like a modern day Dad. There's a transformation of the character and I like it because the viewers react on my character, it makes them think.

Next is the hunky Ken Alfonso. It was a sad day for me, but I know all good things must come to an end.

Post- Valentine's with Celebrities at the Kapuso Instadate

Then we got to the table of Juancho Trivino. We will surely miss Elmo and Janine once More Than Words bids farewell but hopefully they'll have a new project soon. We had all the units together, we had the cast together, we prayed and said our good byes during the company call.

ashley ortega and juancho trivino dating

It's always nice to interview Enzo Pineda, he is very straight forward and would always engage you in a nice conversation. Perhaps real soon, but for now we're happy about what she's doing. Her role as Belle challenge her to be something that she was not in real life. With the last few weeks of More Than Words, Elmo is busy with the last taping days of the said show.