Are shahid and priyanka still dating

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are shahid and priyanka still dating

It's often the male actors who sport a strikingly high dating records, but former beauty queen and Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapoor (FILE). Though they never publically agreed and accepted that they were dating, their actions spoke louder than their words. Shahid and Priyanka's. On the upcoming episode of Koffee with Karan, Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapoor asked each other "are we dating?''.

I wish the film had been successful as well. Right now I would take a hit over anything else, even praise. So ultimately your relationship got sacrificed at the altar of success. A lot of people felt that Priyanka broke it off after Victory bombed.

Have you ever believed that?

are shahid and priyanka still dating

I have never believed that. And only two people know what went wrong between them. And I don't think success of failure changes anything friendship of relationship. It is generally believed that in your head you are a superstar. Laughs out loud I would have to be put in an asylum if I still believed that after three releases.

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But yes, I know people believed that of me. And with good reason? Maybe my attitude was wrong. Thinks I was new to the industry. I was told to behave in a certain way by people who have been here longer, and that's what I did. But there are a lot of people who tell you what to say, what to do, how to behave. And because you are new, and you want to make a good impression, you try and be something. After a point, I realised that I just had to be myself, because I was not comfortable being something or someone else.

What you see now, is the real me. You recently went upto Shahid Kapoor and talked to him at a party. That's a sign of maturity. Ho much did that have to do with knowing that he and PC are no longer together.

Shahid, Priyanka dating?

And he was equally warm. I have to say that it was not weird at all because of the way he was when I talked to him. I have known Shahid. When he was with Bebo, we often went on double dates. And he is a really nice guy.

You never watched Kaminey? I couldn't bring myself to see it. Because it's on the set of this film that it all started? I just didn't want to see the film. I thought I would be okay, but as the day kept coming nearer, it was all around and therefore, harder to bear.

I just booked tickets and left the country. I have three friends from different parts of the world. We all met in Sicily and had a blast. And by the time I came back, I was ready for anything.

Isn't it true that you were at a party and someone played Dhan Te Nan, and your friends rushed over and had the DJ change the song? Grins Yes, my friends did that. It was hard for me to even hear the songs of that film. I don't think I will ever see it. I still haven't watched Aitraaz. Must've been difficult to shoot WYR? There was a lot of awkwardness. It was hard to see her talk on the phone and text.

are shahid and priyanka still dating

I knew what was happening. One time, you broke down on the set one time, and Sunita Gowariker asked you to go home, right? Hesitantly It was right in the beginning. We were all having lunch and she got up and left saying she wanted to rest in the van, and just before she left, I got a message saying that she will now make an excuse and leave.

At that moment, it became real for me. Sunita saw how disturbed I was, and she just said: And I left without saying a word to anyone. I even left my phone sitting there on the table. How did she break the news to you? It is reported that the two dated each other for 5 years but started drifting apart after the failure of their films. The world of Bollywood exploded with the news as nobody had any clue about the two dating. Though they never cleared the air about their relationship, years later in an interview, Shahid almost confirmed dating Priyanka 4.

The audience loved their on-screen chemistry and soon the rumors of their affair started flying around.

Shahid hasn't told me we're dating: Priyanka

Shah Rukh Khan This was one of the most shocking ones as Shah Rukh has always had the reputation of being a committed husband to Gauri Khan. However, if rumors are anything to go by, then Priyanka Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan were in a very serious affair. But, like Twinkle, Gauri entered the picture and since then Shah Rukh has not worked with Priyanka again. They were seen holding hands and generally cozying up in between taking cute selfies.

They also exchanged numbers at the end of the night said some sources. Though the rumor soon died down soon enough, it still took the gossip world by storm.