Are ryan adams and natalie prass dating

Ryan Adams uses Twitter to rescue a lost kitten in a cemetry in Auckland | Daily Mail Online

are ryan adams and natalie prass dating

Andy Morris 24th February Sitting in The Lexington pub in North London, Virginian country singer Natalie Prass takes a deep breath, laughs. Sep 18, When the news broke that Ryan Adams was covering Taylor Swift's Dancing soundtrack, as a duet with Natalie Prass (best debut album of. May 1, Join Date: Feb In a statement, Prass gave more details about the story behind her new single: “It's ( KB, 62 views).

White have known eachother long, but was it the same with Trey Pollard? I knew of Trey, of course, he was known as the music guru, the crazy jazz guitar player and we both went to this Magnet school.

So I knew who he was, but he graduated before I got into high school. So that was pretty cool. And Trey is with you on tour as well. The sound on the record, have you always had that or is it something that has developed over the years?

Has that been a major influence? I think that type of music is just kind of ingrained in you. I love big band sets, the forties, the fifties. All the American songbook stuff. I was listening to a lot of that kind of music when I wrote that song.

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So I wrote a ton of songs in that style, jazz songs, standards, and that was one of them. You have had a lot of praise for the album so far. How do you deal with that?

All I wanted was the record to have a chance and put it out there. People might hate it, but I have no idea. Could you tell us the story behind it? I wrote that song so fast. So I had to take a bathroom break and sneak off down the hallway! Kind of weird, ha ha! The recording was moving, quite a heavy one. The strings are very dramatic in it. The songs sound nothing like eachother, but the only thing we wanted to capture was the swelling, the building of that song and how the strings kept getting bigger and bigger with this huge release at the end.

We were all obsessed with that album. Are you the one playing the piano? I know him, I had a huge crush on him when he was at your thirteenth birthday party! So I have pictures of me, him and my sister from when I was thirteen in my old photo albums! Given the main theme of the album, I have to ask: Ha ha, I do have faith that one day it will all work out! And sometimes you're just a plain character, you're just a peasant.

What did you get most out of it? I didn't even think about it being cool at all. I just liked it and did it. I think because when you're middle school - especially middle school - you're so confused, it just helped me get out of myself and pretend I'm someone else. It just really helped with dealing with all these different emotions and things I was experiencing. It was very helpful. You start to get mad at your parents?

You take it out on the field. You're wearing a Kiss t-shirt today. Are you a fan? I used to have a big crush on Edward Furlong and so Detroit Rock City, y'know? Shamefully I got into Kiss a little bit after that movie came out after high school. I had some of their music that I downloaded on Limewire or Napster or something.

But they're just so iconic - I don't really listen to it but I appreciate it. You've talked about how tough Nashville is as a singer songwriter.

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What's been your toughest gig? The one that sticks out was when I was added last minute to this weird 7pm show at The Basement which is my favourite venue in Nashville.

Ryan Adams uses Twitter to rescue a lost kitten in a cemetry in Auckland

It's tiny and I just love it - it's below [legendary record store] Grimeys. But there was no-one there! I had to play another show that night and [the owner] Mike Grimes was watching.

This was when I first moved to Nashville and he was like "This girl was supposed to bring people but she didn't bring anybody. Now Mike and I are bros. You've moved from Nashville to be nearer the Spacebomb recording studio in Virginia. What do you miss about Nashville? I miss my friends of course.

And I miss the food. There's a lot of really great vegetarian places. Your album was on hold for a couple of years. Is there one of your own lyrics you really regret? You always think about "Oh Geez Of course as you get older you get better.

I wrote it so fast. Maybe I wish I'd taken more time with that one a little bit.

are ryan adams and natalie prass dating

But also I think it's kinda nice that it's just so stream of conscious in a way. Because there's a place for those kind of lyrics too. You've played as part of Jenny Lewis' band. What did you only notice after playing with her night after night? No matter what happened that day, how tired we were, Jenny said "This is going to be a great show". She would just perform the hell out of it every night, no matter if she's sick. At Boston Calling festival, she had to go to the hospital at 6am before we played.

She got really sick and she put on an amazing performance: She just got in the zone and that's really important. Probably my favourite track on her record is 'The Voyager'.

are ryan adams and natalie prass dating

It's funny because she never wanted to play it but I was always like "Let's do it! Have you bought something on tour you've regretted? I needed a scarf so bad I just ran in and grabbed it - it ended up being a blanket. It's like Lenny Kravitz huge blanket scarf that he has. I thought, "Well, I've got to deal with this now. Other than your debut album, you have two other records in the can. What can you tell us about them?

That was pretty much all live, the three of us in the studio, some overdubs but for the most part we were live. I wrote a lot of the songs in the studio which was fun - I've never done that before. There's still some love songs I guess on there, because I really do like writing about that subject. I harp on a few topics and expand a little more. I did the Nashville one second. I did it with my friend Mike, by Santas Pub - we were looking over Santas whilst we were recording.

Mike did the drums and I played everything else on that. We just did that the two of us for two weeks.

Who is Ryan Adams and why is he covering Taylor Swift's 1989 in its entirety?

He helped me mix it. I'm limited on what I can do on his computer so he helped me with that. Apparently Santa's Pub is particularly grotty and brilliant. Santa's is literally a trailer. I used to record with my friend Mike at a studio next to it for years. If he hears you cussing, you're out of there. He kicks you out. No hard liquor allowed, only cash, it's two bucks for a beer.

It's a lot of fun - and you can smoke in there. I usually go to Santas when you've been out all night and you're thinking 'Where do we go now? You're currently on tour with Ryan Adams.

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What really impresses you about him? I was blown away. What's cool is that when we were opening it instantly just felt like this family vibe because Daniel Clarke plays in his band and Daniel is from Richmont and played on my record. So I was watching every night side stage because Daniel is my bro. Then I just started becoming better friends with everybody in their band and I was so blown away.

They are such an incredible band. Was there a particular moment you enjoyed? And I just had a moment of "Wow I can't beleive I'm here watching this. I used to love this song back in the day and he's right there And that's my friend who I've known since I was 13 - this is weird.