Are matt and kim from catfish dating meaning

Catfish: Kim & Matt

are matt and kim from catfish dating meaning

She is the single weirdest person who has ever been on this show. .. I mean there was a situation where her little siblings where staying over and he I thought it was funny that in the beginning of he “Kim & Matt” episode. Although they've been talking online for more than 10 years, Kim and Matt had never met in person. Once Catfish showed up, the two met and it. After five years of talking to Matt, Kim is ready to meet up with her online love. his ex-girlfriend Kim is being catfished and is hoping that the Catfish team I mean I can understand that the girl is nervous but, at least stand still.

As Max and Nev try to bring the two together, they uncover buried secrets that threaten to drive a wedge between the two lovers. Who is Being Catfished? This week Nev and Max receive an email from Joseph, Joseph thinks that his ex-girlfriend Kim is being catfished and is hoping that the Catfish team can help her.

MTV Kim has had a troubled past after her mum died, she started drinking and getting into trouble with the police. She met Matt when she was 15, he inboxed her and told her that she was beautiful. Matt is apparently from Florida and tried to meet up with Kim two years ago, but according to Kim, he bailed on her. Nev explains to Crystal that they are trying to find out some information on Matt. After a bit of persuasion from Nev, Matt agrees to meet up with Kim, although he questions why she has got in touch with the show.

Was it really Matt who bailed on Kim when they previously arranged to meet up? What is Kim Hiding? Thanks for Signing Up with Us! Please check your inbox to confirm your email address. If you didn't receive a confirmation, please resubmit your information or email: If you haven't heard of Matt and Kim, Google them. Try typing in "Lessons Learned. Yup, that's them stripping down to their birthday suits in the middle of New York City's Times Square. The video was Matt's idea.

Kim wasn't super-keen on getting buck naked in what is perhaps the busiest intersection in the world, in the brutal cold it was shot in Februarybut she acquiesced. Actually, if you pay attention, you'll see that Kim ends up totally nude before Matt does.

They both got balls.

Matt and Kim - It's Alright

Their story goes like this: Kim thought Matt was hot; Matt was both intimidated and intrigued by Kim's tattoos. They moved in together three months later. They've shared a tour bus and a tiny apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for the past six years.

Now they're ready to move on. They just bought their first place in the Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn, and they're gearing up to trade their old furniture for some "grown-up" stuff.

When they'll actually find time to move is questionable—they just finished recording their new album and were about to head out on a US tour shortly after this interview—but we thought it would be fun to take them furniture shopping in Brooklyn. Just 'cause, you know, they really ought to consider getting a bigger bed.

So, tell us about this new place you guys just bought.

are matt and kim from catfish dating meaning

It's in [the Brooklyn neighborhood of] Clinton Hill. We both went to Pratt and we still have a certain love for the area— the tree-lined streets and stuff like that. It's a nice, cute little brownstone.

We're still having the contractors going in there and everything, so I have to say I'm terrified something's going to happen that makes us not get it.

I've been a nervous wreck the past week.

are matt and kim from catfish dating meaning

You have to think positively. I mean, if we want it we have it, Kim. Does it have outdoor space? I grew up in Vermont with nothing but outdoor space.

My parents would open the door and be like, "See you later! I've been [in New York City] 10 years and haven't had a lick of outdoor space. So it'll be nice to have. Kim is for some reason freaked out by grass though. She won't sit on it. She just wants to pave over it. I'm excited about maybe getting a dog though. Sometimes we go to the dog park during lunchtime breaks or whatever and watch from the outside. You can't go in unless you have a dog. I always wonder if people are creeped out by us even being on the outside of the park, gawking at their dogs.

There's this one kind of dog I want really badly. This is gonna sound so pathetic, but I have pictures cut from magazines of this dog. Matt knows what it is. We already named it. It's gonna be "Shorty. Did you have a hard time finding a place you both liked? We did search for about a year, but we agreed on everything we wanted for the most part. Kim and I bizarrely agree on a lot of stuff, like way more than two people who spend 24 hours a day together should.

Somehow we don't want to kill each other; that's the amazing thing. We're kind of the same person. We shared a cell phone for like six years. How did you call each other? We never had to—we're always together! What was on your list when you were house hunting? We wanted at least three bedrooms because we both do a lot of work at home.

Surprisingly, for a band, 95 percent of the work has nothing to do with music. Kim's always answering emails. We're just really involved with everything from the artwork to our music videos, so…we both wanted our own office space. We've been sharing one room as an office, but it makes it really easy for Kim to turn to me and be like, "Hey, what do you think of this? I think it might be a scientific fact that men cannot multitask. So we needed our own workspace. Matt isn't very organized at all.

I organize everything in our place except his computer. I'm the kind of dude that when the desktop gets full, I just drag it all into one folder called "desktop.

Did you know for sure that you wanted to stay in Brooklyn? We both grew up in the Northeast, so it's nice being a few hours away from where we both started out. I don't know, it's a weird addiction. Did you tell her about how you proposed when we were looking for a place? You guys are engaged? No, not proposed like marriage-proposed. After a year of looking, we were hanging out in LA and went over to my friend's place, which is a great house in Silver Lake.

So I peeked at some real estate—it's so much more affordable than it is here.

Real Couple: Matt & Kim: Movin' and Groovin' - Love & Sex - Real Couples

I was like, "Kim, we should move to LA. Once again, they enthuse about his "totally fine" and "normal" appearance, and it's not that they're wrong, but pretty much all this image tells us that the other one didn't is that he has both a nose and a mouth. Clearly what they want to exclaim about is that he's not fat, but they Anyway, they now have a new theory about why he's been cagey with Kim, which is that "he's dating online," and indeed, I'm not aware of other reasons people have profiles on internet dating platforms.

Then they get a call from Crystal, one of Matt's Facebook friends.

It’s All About the Godfather in S7 EP3 of Catfish The TV Show

While she doesn't recall Matt ever talking about his friend Kim in California, she does confirm that she met him a few years ago; thinks he's been "on and off" with a woman in Kissimmee, where he appears to live; and remembers him living in Sacramento for a while.

She suggests that they talk to Matt's brother Nick, who lived with him, and texts them his phone number. Way to be mindful of Nick's privacy, Crystal. She doesn't just text a phone number, though; she also provides a photo of herself that features Matt's entire face. This Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas-ass-looking try-hard.

Catfish: Kim & Matt

He's never heard of Kim either, but unlike Crystal, he doesn't know of any other current entanglements either. However, he thinks it's out of character for Matt to be "dating" Kim and not trying hard to meet up with her. Thanks for providing that promo-ready clip, Nick! The Presentation Of Findings Kim demonstrates zero recognition of Matt's Twitter feed, so, as usual, her lack of curiosity is a crucial factor in her current predicament.

Here's her reaction to her first glimpse at Matt's weird degree-rotated sunglasses pic from Plenty Of Fish. After rocking back and forth for twenty minutes, Kim finally manages, "I'm not sure if I should even make a comment. Nev is basically like, I don't know how to deal with you when you retreat into your hair palace, but she doesn't want to tell him and steps out of the room. He finally follows Kim out to the yard, where she's sitting in a hammock with her head on her knees. Evidence Of Airbnb The First, btw.

Kim says she suddenly started feeling "warm" and "overwhelmed" -- in a good way: Uh, maybe wait until you've seen all the evidence before you have a joy meltdown, Kim. She gets herself back up and returns to the computer, and when they tell her what Crystal told them about Matt's maybe-girlfriend, she doesn't look any different than when she was "overwhelmed" with happiness after her first glimpse of Matt. And when they tell her that NICK said he DOESN'T think Matt has a girlfriend, she just shakes her head and hides in her hair again, and this is what makes her cry; before long, she's up and out of the room again.

This time, Nev finds her on the bathroom floor, where she mumbles, "If he's real, why is he hiding? When Kim's recovered what passes for her composure, she states that she does still want to meet Matt, but that she's scared of flying, "so unless there's a different way to get there Nev then calls Matt, and guess what.

Matt pleads "brother just got out of surgery" and "I just got a new job," while inside, Max comments to Kim that he can't figure out why Matt isn't sending photos or trying to meet Kim: Outside, Nev sweetens his offer of imposing on Matt a meeting with the woman he's been avoiding for five years by adding that if Matt wants it to happen, he's going to have to be the one to travel.

Somewhere around here is when Nev checks in with Mrs. Nev, who's even more useless than usual. Also, we briefly see Nev's mother, who I'm pretty sure is my age.

are matt and kim from catfish dating meaning

The Pre-Confrontation The next day, Nev and Max call Kim to let her know they're on their way to the Airbnb to wait with her for Matt's flight to land, and she's all, sounds great, see you soon, in a very chirpy voice that doesn't betray that anything's amiss, which is why they're surprised when they arrive to see an apparently unfamiliar car in the driveway and a male butt getting out.

But it's not Matt: Kim called him the night before in a panic, because there were "some things" she hadn't told Max and Nev; Kim needs to tell them herself, but she asked Joe to be there to support her. It may be the case that Kim fell in love or whatever with Matt while she was still dating Joe in meatspace, but she apparently wasn't so devoted that she didn't This is Norma, and Kim's never told Matt about her because he had previously made it known that he doesn't like or want to have kids.

In that case, Max would like to know what Joe thinks about Matt, his daughter's potential stepfather. I mean, I imagine he probably doesn't think Matt IS his daughter's potential stepfather, given his stated views on the matter? Before Joe can answer that, though, Nev jumps in to guess that Joe probably doesn't want Kim to move to Florida with their child, and Joe agrees that he doesn't.

I'll give her some benefit of the doubt and guess that this stupid smile is an involuntary reaction to her embarrassment and not an indication that she thinks this gap in her reports to Joe is cute, but that doesn't excuse the fact that this is the kind of decision you KIND OF have to run by your child's co-parent before you start giving it serious consideration. Max recaps leave it to the professionals"Just add that to the list: Joe takes Norma from her arms so that Kim can have her big summit with Matt and the crew.

I'm at least glad that Joe and Kim are no longer together because she clearly doesn't deserve him. Nev, Kim, and Max sit down so that she can tell them the rest of the shit she conveniently skipped the day before.