Are jennice and kelley dating advice

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are jennice and kelley dating advice

Kelley Johnson's fling with Jennice Ontiveros in Season 2 of Below harsh words while reflecting on their relationship aboard the Ohana. Hey everyone, **[Thanks for joining us today with Kelley from Below. a weekly salary, and the tips do get shared with the two crew that aren't shown. .. I was a little thrown off with how the relationship with Jennice unfolded. oh shit. rhylee is now giving laura advice on how to speak to work superiors. It's the blind leading the blind. #belowdeck. replies retweets 4, likes.

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He had quibbles with the dodgy dossier but they were more semantic than anything else. Let me resume the narrative. During the month of MayKelly had spoken not only to Gilligan but to several journalists always on a strictly non-attributable basis. This of course was true. She would not even speak to him. He certainly did not say the 45 minutes claim was inserted either by Alastair Campbell or by anyone else in government.

In fact, he denied specifically that Alastair Campbell was involved, in the conversation on 30 May.

are jennice and kelley dating advice

It is certain that Kelly expressed unhappiness with some of the wording of the dodgy dossier and that he implied this may have been the result of government pressure. Why should he be blamed when he was damn right about that? At the same time, he briefed with great caution because he had no more proof of government interference than did the BBC.

We know the DIS unlike MI6 the major intelligence gathering agency had their serious reservations about the dodgy dossier. Why had the DIS had deliberately been kept out of the loop on the drafting of the dossier? This was not a dossier that required careful and circumspect wording. In the event the decision to keep DIS in the dark led to a serious reprimand by a second official and independent investigation, the subsequent Butler Report, a review of intelligence on weapons of mass destruction which concluded: For example, in favour of some of its assumptions about the existence of WMD in Iraq, it is not generally known that shortly after the invasion of Iraq by U.

MI6 were unable to establish what the cargo was on board those flights. At about the same time, the British also tracked several convoys of Iraqi military lorries that travelled at night, lights out, from Iraq to Syria. The last thing the Russians would have wanted is for the West to find their fingerprints on any weapons of mass destruction programme in Iraq.

Scarlett was understandably anxious to become director of MI6 but a civil service age rule was against him. This requirement determined a candidate for the top job needed to be under 55 years of age if he were an internal applicant.

I have also been told that even after the whole Kelly affair, Scarlett still went to some considerable lengths in the spring of to influence the reporting of what had and what had not been found in Iraq. When the army of experts realised there was nothing to be found, Scarlett attempted to lean on the truth by having language inserted into the official report which simply did not reflect the facts on the ground.

Had he succeeded this would have politically helped Blair off the hook of his own embarrassment at the absence of these weapons. One of the inspectors told me in some detail what he claims had happened. Congress that despite all the intelligence there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The American intelligence predictions had been as lamentable as the British. Both the British and the Americans launched an immediate damage limitation exercise.

One of the nuggets was that Iraq had been running a smallpox programme — untrue. Another nugget claimed Iraq had two mobile chemical weapons laboratories — untrue. They were only partially successful and the final report was too brief and anodyne to make the required impact. The 45 Minute claim came from a single source who was found to be lying.

When nothing was found, Scarlett told No. Nevertheless, Scarlett did finally achieve his ambition and his work as chairman of the JIC was rewarded by his appointment as the new Director of MI6. A few months earlier in the long hot summer of in London, David Kelly now began a fight to save his reputation, his job and his pension.

are jennice and kelley dating advice

In an interview on Friday July 4th starting at Punishment for this offence should have been a rap on the knuckles. But Hatfield decided to treat Kelly as major miscreant.

So now this highly distinguished scientist, an exemplar of his particular discipline, a man of considerable honour, and one who had specifically been cleared to talk to the press world-wide, was pulled up short and threatened with the loss of career and even pension. In trying to help journalists understand the complexities in the world of arms control, Kelly was deemed to have committed an egregious error. This was the great arse-covering operation by a faceless functionary who could blame Kelly directly for the storm that had broken over Whitehall since the Gilligan broadcast.

It was hypocritical and unworthy. Surely he would have remarked on Gilligan trying to type on his tiny organiser if this had indeed been the case — yet another clue to suggest Gilligan never did make a full contemporaneous note of the discussion.

Then came the killer: Under the weight of the interrogation, Kelly had given assurances that he had not given any other unauthorised interviews on the subject of the dodgy dossier to the press. But this was not true.

Who can blame him? He was close to retirement and fighting for his job his reputation and his pension. Would you or I have omitted to disclose all contacts under these circumstances? Come on, be honest. Four days later, the cold and ruthless spy chief John Scarlett happily joined in the Kelly witch-hunt. So here, incredibly was one of the chief perpetrators of serious miscalculations and errors, and actual owner of the notorious dodgy dossier with its rubbish intelligence analysis, happily suggesting the innocent David Kelly be given a touch of the jolly old third degree, in order to help keep the heat away from himself.

He could have busked his way through it but for one terrible ambush.

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Susan, a substantially different kind of reporter to Gilligan, quite legitimately tape recorded that interview, not for transmission but so that she would have a verbatim record of this important briefing. I have always wondered why she never warned David she was using a recorder.

A fatal mistake as it turned out. When her account of this briefing was transmitted by Newsnight on BBC 2, Gilligan immediately recognised the tone of the content, and assumed, correctly, that Kelly had also been her confidential informant. Because he was under enormous pressure over the accurate details of his infamous 6. This would help legitimise his position. He desperately needed to flush him out. Gilligan had everything to gain by exposing Kelly. So he did something, journalistically quite despicable.

He deliberately blew his source, breaking the unspoken but historic bond between journalist and source without which journalism could never survive. In the national scheme of things, I fear journalists are about as respected as estate agents or street cleaners. But believe it or not, we do have one unwritten code of honour. On request we will always give our word of honour to a source, that we will never, I mean never, divulge his name no matter what the pressure.

We will willingly have needles stuck in our eyes or commit contempt of court rather than implement a legal order to reveal a source. It is the one weapon in our armoury, and there are no circumstances in which we would ever relinquish its power.


Without this code of honour, there would have been no Watergate exposure, no revelation of organised and systemic child abuse in Rotherham, indeed investigative journalism would simply wither, and with it, the power of the Fourth Estate and one of the strongest pillars of democracy. In fifty years of investigative reporting I have never disclosed a source except to my editor who is bound by exactly the same code as am I.

But Andrew Gilligan had no qualms about dishonouring our trade. It was an extraordinary betrayal. To make matters worse, the email Gilligan sent gave him the impression of being a background note prepared by the BBC. The wink was good as the nod.

The result was catastrophic. Unaware of the trap that had been set, Kelly survived a difficult, filmed, committee hearing which probed into his journalistic contacts. He agreed having spoken to Susan Watts but only way back in the past.

Janice Kelly | Politics | The Guardian

A direct quote, all words verbatim was read to him. David successfully dissembled and used clever language to evade the truth. Now if David had been thinking on his feet, he would have realised that such a long verbatim quote could only have come from his briefing to Watts, either if she had taken a fluent shorthand note few reporters do or if she had taped it. What could David do apart from dissemble to the committee?

At first, it looked as if David what get away with it. But then came what was to be the coup de grace for Kelly. What is your reaction to that suggestion? He was later to apologise for the betrayal. It was a tad late for that. David was already dead. In fact, the BBC reporter took steady fire during this affair. Finally, Lord Hutton determined that he too was not satisfied that Kelly had made some of the key allegations Gilligan had claimed.

He then joined the Sunday Telegraph but was subsequently made redundant. The issue was beginning to haunt him. It is my firm belief that David lied to save his job, reputation and pension, and he knew he had lied because his personnel director had threatened him with serious disciplinary action if any further unauthorised media briefings emerged.

While Susan Watts would have walked on broken glass to protect Kelly as her source, no-one could predict the Gilligan betrayal. Yet, paradoxically, on the morning of the day of his suicide only three days after the FAC hearing, David had clearly regained some of his former composure and confidence. He also failed to mention an interview of sorts he had given a Sunday Times reporter who had door-stepped him at his home during the worst days of the crisis.

are jennice and kelley dating advice

The good news for him was that he was due to return to his beloved Baghdad and the job he adored. On the day of his suicide, he had even agreed precise flight arrangements for the trip, and a booking was made for July 25th. All the evidence of his behaviour up to about So what happened after The day had begun with David at his Oxford home with his wife Janice. All of them were broadly aimed at exposing Kelly as a civil servant who had broken the rules in talking to Gilligan and Susan Watts, and anticipating the consequent disciplinary action.

These were by and large questions that had already been dealt with when Richard Hatfield gave Kelly the severe reprimand and the warning that if anything else emerged showing he had given an unauthorised interview he would be in for the chop. But we know now that Kelly still had three briefings to hide from his bosses at the MOD.

On that fateful July 17th, just when it looked to David that he had got away with it, including his evasions in front of the FAC, just as he was on the verge of bounding free of the whole bloody mess, and returning to his beloved work in Baghdad, the second shoe dropped.

Throughout this last morning, David had exchanged a number of routine telephone calls with his aide, Wing-Cdr Clark. They had agreed the date for his flight to Baghdad. In fact, the MOD had prepared two lists of journalists. One was his contacts generally with journalists, harmless contacts if you like, names that included Susan Watts David had never denied being a contact of hers before the scandal had broken myself as it happens, and some twenty other reporters.

However, the second list included names of reporters to whom very specific and controversial briefings had been given. There would be more to come. The trap set by Gilligan remained set. Kelly had also failed to give the reporters name to Hatfield during his interrogation, and the name was also missing from the general list of journalists.

are jennice and kelley dating advice

Clark had been asked to ask Kelly about this journalist. So, you can detect what was beginning to happen to Kelly after about His dissembling about Susan Watts, together with the failure to mention the Sunday Times reporter, were coming back to haunt him.