Are freelee and durianrider dating website

are freelee and durianrider dating website

Famous vegan YouTube Freelee the banana girl is known for A million followers ain't shit when the Internet is global. . This is Freelee and durian rider at the fruit festival in Thailand while She's fucking insane and no, her plan is bad and doesn't work, I didn't even know she was dating anyone though. For close to 10 years, Leanne Ratcliffe - aka Freelee the Banana Girl - has been making money online, reducing consumption and tree houses.' ended her high profile relationship with fellow YouTuber DurianRider. .. a romantic walk around Los Angeles The couple have been dating for two years. He went on to tell his near , online subscribers that Freelee was Freelee and Durianrider have almost one million combined YouTube subscribers .. white ensemble as she and Luke Bracey confirm they are dating.

Come on AC, step up brah! Corkscrew is only 2. In fact, prior to reading the blog post I had no idea who Johnstone was.

Nonetheless, I happily called his bluff with one small proviso: Johnstone had to match my bodyweight at the time, I weighed a muscular 81kg, the scrawny Johnstone claimed to weigh 66kg [4]. A light bodyweight is a huge advantage in road cycling, especially when climbing hills[5], which is why most elite and professional road cyclists are so tiny sprint track cyclists, on the other hand, tend to be built like brick outhouses.

By all rights, I should have calculated my weight per inch of height then applied the resultant figure to his height, which would have resulted in an even higher target bodyweight for Johnstone. Once again, when called on his self-aggrandizing hogwash the normally vocal Johnstone suddenly suffered stage fright, and ignored my acceptance of his challenge.

Vegan YouTuber 'Freelee the Banana Girl' goes through public break-up with boyfriend

He did, however, continue to talk trash about me on his website forum. I invited the hopelessly deluded Johnstone to showcase his self-perceived superhuman strength to the world in the form of a powerlifting contest.

There are plenty of gyms in Adelaide at which Johnstone and I could have faced off on the squat, deadlift and bench. But once again, the motor-mouthed vegan suddenly became gun-shy. This kind of behavior is par for the course with Johnstone.

He loves to boast about his physical prowess and especially goes out of his way to portray himself as an outstanding cyclist. While Adelaide is hardly the most exciting city in Australia, it does have a robust cycling scene with plenty of clubs and weekly racing events world class road and track cyclists including Anna Meares, Rohan Dennis and Jack Bobridge call Adelaide home. The city also hosts periodic hill-climbing time trials.

Thus, there are abundant competitive opportunities for Johnstone to display his self-proclaimed cycling abilities. Yep, much easier to brag about your Strava times on the Internet than actually get out and prove yourself against real cyclists.

After it became clear to me Johnstone was all talk and no action, I promptly wrote him off as the attention-seeking buffoon he was and went about my business. Things soon took a more sinister turn, though.

Johnstone makes his living from advertising revenues garnered every time someone clicks on one of his Youtube videos free tip: When Johnstone perceives that this income stream is under threat due to what he regards as unfair aspersions on his impeccable character, we get to see the real Johnstone in all his angry, hateful glory.

In earlyex-vegan Tom Billings created a post on the Beyondveg. Can You Trust Them? His post catalogues a long list of both proven and alleged misdeeds by vegan diet gurus.

are freelee and durianrider dating website

One of those who got a mention was Johnstone, who has admitted he previously received disability welfare payments for a period of time after allegedly being hit by a bus whilst riding his bike. Billings had linked to a blogger who claimed the dates of cycling performances Johnstone had boasted about on the Internet coincided with the time frame he was reportedly receiving the disability payments.

While Billings linked to the blog post in question, he made no accusations himself; he merely noted that the allegations had been made.

are freelee and durianrider dating website

The thin-skinned Johnstone, however, promptly choked on whatever number banana he was up to for that day and went ape. When these emails went unanswered, he threatened to release my books onto torrent file-sharing websites: Not to mention I assume some people might make up some nasty shit about you and spread it all over my social media channels to a few hundred thousand people over the next few years.

Its better to be on my right side than wrong side bro. So when the spammers start spamming about AC on my turf that I will take care of it for you vs leave it up and pretend I don't see it. Be sure to check it out! Here he is folks - the manly, fearsome keyboard warrior, complete with 70s porno moustache: Control yourself now, ladies! LMAO Having failed miserably in his laughable attempt to come off like an intimidating Internet hardman, the stick-figured Johnstone then moved onto his next phase: Posting blatant lies about me on his website in a desperate attempt to discredit me.

Yep, according to Johnstone, I was an obese steroid user who lived off welfare blah blah blah. Notice how Johnstone provides no screenshots or even hyperlinks to this alleged blog.

are freelee and durianrider dating website

Not to mention that I've never even set foot in a Fitness First gym, let alone trained in one. Fourth, it's especially stupid to carry on like steroid usage is some kind of supreme evil when you use them yourself, and even post footage of yourself proudly waving around a vial of the steroid Sustanonbragging about how easy it is to get a doctor's script for them in Thailand, and boasting about the huge quantity of steroids you have at your place see further down for video footage.

After I went to the trouble and expense of hiring a lawyer, Johnstone stopped emailing me under his real name, but continued to taunt me via a fake alias, claimed I was "obese" on his website, and refused to take down the patently defamatory material he had already posted about me. The latter had launched legal action for defamation against Johnstone and Ratcliffe.

The following passages are especially revealing: We troll the internet with the health message and use whatever means possible to get that message out there Interestingly, Johnstone was fond of portraying the relationship between himself and Ratcliff as one of pimp and prostitute.

In addition to the Carb the Fuck Up! Johnstone's unbecoming remarks are hardly surprising given the generally poor regard in which he holds women. This, as you may by now have surmised, is another longstanding tactic of Johnstone; when he comes across pictures of someone who is bigger and stronger than he is - which is pretty much every other male in the fitness industry - Johnstone promptly accuses them, without any proof whatsoever, of using steroids.

Heaven forbid Johnstone consider the real reason those people are bigger and stronger than him is because, unlike him, they eat an adequate diet and are capable of applying sound resistance training principles. And here's the real cracker: After years of belittling and falsely accusing others of steroid use, Johnstone has finally admitted to what many of us suspected all along: He uses them himself. Now listen idiot, this is a police station, not a bogan soap opera.

Get your boney, undernourished ass out of here before I arrest you for filing a false report! I have absolutely no idea what would ever possess a female to become romantically involved with a repulsive douche like Harley Johnstone but, hey, each to their own.

But at some point in the last year or so, Ratcliffe, after several years of living with an out-and-out turd of a human being, finally woke up one day to the realization that she was living with an out-and-out turd of a human being! And the revelations have been coming thick and fast. Johnstone, by the way, has indeed admitted to hitting Ratcliffe, but claims it was only because she hit him first.

If this is true, then the question that begs asking is: Why the fuck did you stick around, Harley boy?

Freelee the Banana Girl 'terminates' her vegan channel | Daily Mail Online

Someone posts a picture of their 19YO friend who was assaulted by her scumbag boyfriend What a complete cunt of a human being. I mean, to paraphrase a well-known vegan shithead, why the fuck did you stick around after she had already hit you once? Michael and especially his girlfriend have had some very negative dealings with Johnstone, and are on the verge of making some pretty sensational allegations. They originally approached the Australian police with these allegations, only to discover that Australian police are, by and large, bloody useless I explained to Michael that the primary function of policing in Australia is, not to protect the law-abiding public, but to extract money from said public on behalf of our cash-strapped governments by militantly issuing speeding and traffic fines.

To lay the groundwork for what is about to come, Michael has posted several lengthy but riveting videos about the waste of life that is Harley Durianrider Johnstone: These and other videos by Michael are also available at https: An archived version of the page where Ratcliffe made this admission can be found here. I did not sucker punch Johnstone. Johnstone will talk shit to no end about you on the Internet, but when you meet him face to face and challenge him to throw down, he starts to quiver and almost breaks into tears.

are freelee and durianrider dating website

While I will not discuss the alleged sucker punch allegations in detail, there is something related that I do want to say. Before I say it, I want to point out that I am a user of Australian roads and their associated paths, pedestrian crossings etc, in three primary ways: As a user of Australian roads in these capacities, I am disgusted by the generally appalling standard of Australian driving.

This disgust was bolstered after I returned from Spain inwhere drivers are far more courteous, patient, and cyclist-aware than their Australian counterparts.

The Spanish and from what I have been told, overall European attitude to driving can be summed up as: Sadly, a not insignificant number of Australian cyclists seem to have adopted the same attitude.

This infamous ride has been occurring every Saturday morning for years, a swarming mass of dickheads whose antics include entirely blocking one side of Beach Road, running red lights, abusing pedestrians, and doing their very best to deepen the hatred harboured by every anti-cycling nut job in Victoria.

And the problem with this whole scenario is said anti-cycling nut jobs never take their rage out on the Hell Riders. Most people are unlikely to face off with a crowd of hundreds, even when most members of that crowd weigh 65kg and would struggle to punch their way out of a wet paper bag.

So instead, Joe Psycho, your quintessential cyclist-hating dickhead whose bigotry is further inflamed by media stories about the Hell Ride idiots, saves his anti-cycling rage for lone cyclists. You know, cyclists riding solo, minding their own business, obeying the road rules, riding single file, and sticking to the left as they should be.

You know, cyclists like me. The Hell Ride stupidity came to a head on August 26, when an unsuspecting pedestrian by the name of James Gould stepped out onto Beach Road. The lights for oncoming traffic had turned red, and the 77 year-old had right of way. Yep, act like a reckless prick, kill someone, and get nothing but a traffic fine.

And so on Saturday, March 7,another near tragedy took place courtesy of the odiferous Hell Ride group. Irish national Anne-Marie Cooke31, was riding with a triathlon group when she was knocked off her bike on Beach Road at Mentone. According to newspaper reports, bikes clipped, Anne-Marie went down, hit her head hard on the asphalt, and sustained a fractured skull. Confirming what a pack of utter pricks they were, none of the Hell Riders stopped to help.

Gotta keep that heart rate in the training zone, I guess. Dear So-Called Department of Justice, can you jokers please get over your weird wheel clamp fetish, and take time out from blatantly lying to the public about speed camera efficacyand for once and for all do something about these Hell Ride lunatics? And in the meantime, they are giving the rest of us responsible cyclists a bad name. That will cost us money! Along with protecting the public, it will also provide the DOJ with ample ways to fine the living shit out of the Hell Riders.

You guys are all about the cash, right? Failure to attend classes constitutes breach of parole and arrest warrant will be issued immediately. Anyways, at this point a lot of you are wondering what my point is. I started talking about some vegan bogan is that a Began?

My point is that too many Australian cyclists are acting like dickheads. Yes, Australian car drivers as a whole leave much to be desired, and it has been well established that car drivers are to blame for the overwhelming majority of accidents and near accidents involving cars and bicycles: Helmet-cam captures bike accidents and could make cycling safer Arguments about who constitutes the biggest menace on Australian roads - cyclists or motorists - are something of a national pastime here in Australia, but the research and plain bloody commonsense clearly indicates it is the latter.

Back in March, while driving through the backstreets of a suburb just north of a big city in the South East of Australia, I nearly collided with some IDIOT riding his bike without lights at night while wearing dark clothes.