Collett Park Festival

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Press Release

Contrary to reports in the local and national press, neither Shepton Mallet Town Council nor the Collett Park Charity have ever entered into any contract of employment with Mr Daniel White or any other ground staff employee.  Mr White was taken on by a former contractor of the Town Council and has continued to be employed by sub contractors.

Shepton Mallet Town Council’s contractual arrangement with the Landscape Group, who currently employ Mr White, is an appendix to the contract between Mendip District Council and the Landscape Group.  It is the Landscape Group that has taken the decision that it has no suitable work available for Mr White.

While Shepton Mallet Town Council has sympathy for Mr White and his family, his employment remains outside the control and remit of this Council.  Shepton Mallet Town Council hopes that the Landscape Group can come to a satisfactory resolution that takes Mr White’s best interests into account.  

4 December 2013


Winter in Collet Park 





 Neighbourhood Plan


Allotment Bonfires

Each tenant may operate individual bonfires from 10am to 3pm on a Sunday during inclusive months of September through to March subject to conditions and not causing a nuisance with the smoke plume. Bonfires outside of this provision are forbidden. Any materials, which are unsuitable for composting or incineration are to be removed by the tenant from the site at their own cost.

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